Described as a full speed car crash between Faith No More and Korn, peppered with the fury of Rage Against the Machine.

Well that’s my review written! Never that simple is it?

What we have here, is a full-on onslaught between guitars, synths, rap, and attitude. The result? The bastard offspring of Linkin Park and Rage Against The Machine? An addictive EP that will definitely get the heart pounding with it’s aggressive mix.

Opening with Fundamentals, the EP starts with a longish sample from what sounds like a football match (sorry lost on me!), but soon kicks in with it’s full force. Mixing rap and aggression, moving from rap to growling vocals as the chorus is spat at you.


“Mandem” has a catchy vocal as with scratching off-setting the drum beat as the bass-line carries the track, with guitars kicking it for the chorus. “Horses Will Bleed” has a strong Rage Against The Machine feel to the vocals, with an ever present drumbeat carrying the track. “Patience Of A Saint” opens slightly differently, and comes across as a more powerful track with its slightly less aggressive delivery. “All Because Of Me” is a little bit more introspective though if you peel back those layers of aggression and funk.

I am sure this will not be for everyone, but going back to the opening comparisons they certainly tick the boxes. They have layered not only a number of genres, but also numerous sounds producing something that can be easily glossed over when tagging them as funk-metal. And yes; I had to go back and play it a few times, it just gets under the skin. This chunk of aggressive groove metal is due out January 13th.

If you want to catch them on the big stage they are playing in August at Alt Fest along with Marilyn Manson, Gary Numan Official, Breed 77, The Cult, My Ruin Official and others. Tickets available for pre-order now.

Line Up
Ryan Walton
Alistair Bell
Ben Edis
Danny Jones
Ben McAlonan

Track Listing
Horses Will Bleed
Patience Of A Saint
Horses (skit)
All Because Of Me
Fundamentals – Tribal Riot feat. Dave Chavarri


Words and footie ignorance by Jon.

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