Zoltar Speaks

…and when he speaks you will listen.

Bursting out of Somerset Zoltar Speaks with an album that contains riffs, thumping drums, soaring melodies, and cracking vocals.

Opening with a misleading teaser “A”, easing you into the onslaught. Louise’s vocals seem dynamic and range from the melodic; through distraught, to the guttural showing a range that still manages to captivate. With hints of Pantera, and Metallica breaking through at times there is something solid about this album.

The drum-led opening to “I’m Coming” sets up the riffs as it comes at you distracting from the potentially disturbing lyrics – not sure I want to know the back story to this one!

“Cannot Be” starts with guitar work that is not quite expected – but then the bass and drums kick in just to let you know they still mean business, and the vocals just soar above this. This track proves to be a catchy number, and is unfortunately over before you know it! But it paves the way for “Flesh and Blood”. The vocals are just perfect and even when the the power is turned up a notch, they are kept in control. The guitar is sitting under vocals and thankfully is kept in check and does not dominate, and this just adds to the power. But towards the end it is let loose for some requisite noodling.

Zoltar Speaks

This does nothing to prepare you for “Face The Claymore”, which is simply brutal. It hits you round the chops and then proceeds to pummel you. Things lighten up for “Take It Away”, bearing in mind that it is a relative term, the underlying driving guitars keep pushing at you – this track becomes addictive. Where as “Braver” is the ballad, the slow track of the album. Love or hate ballads, they go to show that bands are more than just shouting and screaming – and this ticks that box perfectly. The keys and the percussion, all sit together perfectly as Louise gently sings.

Zoltar Speaks

Just as you ponder “The Braver” they return to expectations with “Nothing in The World”. The guitars are back in full force packing in the energy, also using Jason’s vocals to catch you off guard. The album closes with two slowish numbers, and provide a great ending to this debut.

This is one hell of a debut, throughout it the album maintains a high level of quality and production, it just keeps delivering on the melodies, riffs and the aggression. This album would stand proud in any metal collection. Although I am not sure what Tom Hanks would think-better ask .

Due out on April 14th it will be available through all digital outlets.

Line Up
Louise Body – Vocals
Daniel Pratt – Guitars
Jason Coles – Guitars and Vocals
Simon Roocroft – Bass
Ben Dean – Drums

Track Listing
See You In Another Life
Last Man Standing
I’m Coming
Cannot Be
Flesh and Blood
Face The Claymore
Take It Away
Nothing In the World
I Can, I Can’t


Words by Jon.