Alexis Kings

What is there to say about a 2 track single from a band you have never heard about?

Well, after the first play; why oh why are you taunting me? The guitar, the almost sleazy sneering vocals, the old school Rock mentality – all trying to be understated, but you know it just wants to bubble over. This duo, hailing from St. Albans are on the right track with this EP, described as having ‘swagger and rousing gritty groove’ is certainly a good way to sum up these two tracks.

Alexis Kings

Opening with “1972” and blending those vocals with a Classic Rock vibe, this just hooks you in. The guitars and drums playing off each other in just the right quantities. It’s sound underpinned with a solid bass and crashing cymbals keep your attention.

The second track “Brothers” takes a slightly different stance, but keeps the guitar to the forefront with a sound that is more frenetic. The rhythm comes across as slightly more chaotic with the guitar work giving it that edge. As the track opens up it becomes rather addictive.

Having had strong support and interest from BBC Radio and NME, these chaps from St. Albans should be on the way to something big. There is only 2 tracks – which are never enough! This mini-EP just screams out to be played. It definitely shows that these guys can put a tune together with ease!

Alexis Kings

Keep it Sexy’ is available on 10th March.

Line Up
Brendan Aherne – Vocals/Guitar
Sam Privett – Lead Guitar

Track listing


Words by Jon.