Jamie Porter

The start of this year we got an email through, and it has taken this long to get round to writing about this EP. Bad us! Naughty us!!

Jamie Porter has a few tracks, and this EP on Bandcamp, and they are well worth checking out. Opening with “Touch The Sky” there is fusing of old school Rock, and a hint of Folk/Blues. The vocals have a rough edge that just play off the guitar work perfectly. “Shout It Out” is a laid back little number; in fact I was almost reminded of Tom Petty, before it moved more towards being a potentially anthemic number. While “The Reason I Love You” has a nice bit of guitar noodling, not to mention a catchy melody. The piano is an unexpected gentle closing to the track; that you would think wouldn’t work, but closes the track off just right.

Jamie Porter

Closing the EP is “Hero” which is a laid back tribute to your hero. Again the guitar riffs carry the track showing off Jamie’s talent.

The EP is great and goes to show Jamie’s talent. He is currently working on a second EP as well as plans to take the music out live. If you like your Rock a little softer then go and check out his work.

Track Listing
Touch The Sky
Shout It Out
The Reason I Love Young


Words by Jon.

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