Doors To Manual

Hailing from Blandford in Dorset come this new alt-rock 5 piece.

Opening with the rather catchy “So Long” the guitar hooks you in, in much the same way that “Instinction” does, although with a differeng sound, while the vocals have an almost post-punk snarl to their delivery just giving the whole track an edge. “Instinction” is more of a drum led track and has a funkier feel, coupling with the guitar work to provide a very catchy rhythm. There is perhaps even the merest hint of ska, and a slight dollop of punk attitude in the vocals.

Doors To Manual

This is followed by “Slurs” which again has a lighter feel, and a different vocal sound, as slightly distorted guitar carries the rhythm, as you get a tale that most of us has probably felt at a young age after a drink or two. For the chorus there is almost a Peace Love and Gloves vibe as the band all join in. Closing with “A Faster Way Home” the guitar has a classic rock feel as the tempo builds, and one that probably goes down a storm in a live set.

With a quality that betrays their age (all still in their teens, and more talent than my little finger) they blend an indie feel with an establish rock feel, and great guitar work, through in Oscars vocals you get an alternative rock sound that does nothing to betray his age. I enjoyed every track on the EP, although at times I felt they are still finding their identity, despite this is t is well worth a listen.

Line Up

Oscar Darlington – Vocals
Alex Evans – Guitar
Sam Heffer – Drums
Jack Tollman – Guitar
Quentin Martin – Bass

Track Listing
So Long
A Faster Way Home


Words and old age by Jon.

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