The Cottonettes

What better way to spend your Sunday afternoon with 4 tracks of Oi! Pop styling of punk?

Also, what is not to like about a band that describe themselves as “…hailing from the Surrey/Hampshire borders were formed by Cockney twanged ragamuffin, and hair stylist, Benjamin Madle and his former rival, renowned curly headed gobsh*te, Josh Young.”

Opening with “Won’t Ya” are left without any doubt as to what these guys are about – from the hard hitting rhythms, catchy bass, and raw vocals – not to mention lyrics to make you think; “I gotta live my life again no regrets again” – I think this is a love song!

The highlight of the EP for this listener was “For The Boys”, it really ticks the boxes, this reviewer was never into the punk scene but was aware of it, and this track sums up a certain bygone era that I knew was there – the odd tack bled into your consciousness. The track is great live pub number, with it’s catchy hooks, and repeated lyrics. “Happy For You” on the other hand has a punchy rhythm punctuated with the punchy delivery of the vocals. In fact the guitar almost drowns out the vocals on this one. But again, it maintains that shouty energy, and you cannot help but get your foot tapping, even during the slight breather as the bass twangs away.

The Cottonettes

Closing with “Oh No! Yoko” the infectious baseline pulls you in, just as the drums and guitar jump in. As the vocals shout out “Oh No! Yoko, You did it again, I’m not picking up the pieces this time.”

Taking a genre from the late seventies, managing to keep it fresh and alive, and not making it sound dated goes to show that this Guildford based 3 piece practice what they preach. Like I said, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Line Up

Ben Madle
Josh Young
Adam Broadbent

Track Listing
Won’t Ya
For The Boys
Happy For You
Oh No! Yoko


Words by Jon.

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