“John Frum” is the latest, and third, 4 track EP by Yokozuna a London based group. These guys are influenced by a large number of bands that basically I have either never heard of (but have cool names) but don’t know, or have never heard. But they make the process easy by describing themselves as loud and noisy punk rock, and upon listening to them there is a healthy chunk of Grunge thrown in for good measure.

Opening with “Toy Boat” they merge some gentle’ish guitar work interspersed with some frenetic drumming and shouting. Holding this together is the distorted guitar, and a subtly infectious bass clawing at you. Next up “Keith, Not Keith” has a more obvious grunge sound as guitars vie to grab your attention almost in a discordant manner, and the vocals are almost pushed back into the background as the music vies for top spot. Slowing up towards the last section the bass thrums away as the guitar continues the rhythm, and the drums return to a chaotic crescendo. While “Other Guy” has more of an aggressive stance as the riffs bite at you. Opening with a bass line that wants to take no prisoners, the vocals again almost sink into the background as if to taunt the guitars out to play, it turns into a fully rounded track with a pummeling riff that keeps coming, and the vocals just captures the grunge feel. To close the EP is “Barlow’s House”, and it hit’s you with a rockier opening the guitars soon push into a more punk vibe as the the vocals contain more of punk attitude, with everything working in unison to just keep pummelling at your ears.


What drew me to their latest EP? Aside from their ability to put together something that I enjoyed from a genre I have only dabbled with around the edges, is the fact this EP grabbed me. Their attitude, to play the best music they can write and perform, they have no rock star pretentions, and they play as many gigs as they can – they are in it for the love of the music. They will play anwhere anytime, and if travel is involved they just want petrol money and somewhere to crash (they claim to be house trained). And to add to all of that they are involved in “Rip This Joint!”, described as a DIY collective they put on monthly gigs in London for as little money as possible or free just to get music out there. Gets my vote.

(FYI: Yokuzuna is the highest rank in Sumo wrestling, and was also a wrestler in WWE)

Track Listing
Toy Boat
Keith, Not Keith
Other Guy
Barlow’s House



Words by Jon.

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