Castor Troy

This Northern 4 piece hailing from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne have something special going on.

Mixing melodic Rock with heavy and Post/Rock influences; giving a tremendous sound that although being easily accessible, is far from commercial or derivative.

The opening track “Chapter One” is an instrumental that guides the listener into “Winter Lights”, which sets the scene perfectly as the drums and guitars kick in. While “Undivided” opens with a drum barrage that pounds at you; it gives a more obvious punch, while towards the end there is some old school noodling just to offset proceedings. “Nineteen” turns everything down-the guitars go gentle, the rhythm is almost non-existent and the vocals are laid bare. It leaves the listener almost in awe as everything comes back about halfway through, bursting through the speakers in a controlled outburst of power and emotion.

“Infatuation”, another brief instrumental gently carries the listener on an unexpected piano-led journey. The title track then explodes into your ears, with almost a power-feel as the vocals sit atop some major riffs. Only pushing themselves for the chorus, switching between a quiet and loud dynamic throughout the track. Unlike the angrier “Jenny 23”, one that possibly gets a live crowd moving; the deeper bass lick proving to be infectious and the backbone for the track. While “This is Not” is a curve ball track, a little like “Nineteen” with it’s more acoustic sounding guitars and gentle vocals. Even when the rhythm comes in, it is with a gentle approach. With the lyric that caught in this reviewer ear; “This is not who we chose to be, but this is who we are”.

Castor Troy

Closing the album is the longest track, and weighing in at 7 minutes “The Condemned” kicks off with some old school sounding guitar work. The lyrics convey the feeling that this is the perfect close to the album.

This is a great debut from the band and should see them in good stead for the future. From the strong dynamic rhythms; through to some great guitar work, all capped off with Benn’s vocals which seem to have a fragile power-a kind of wavering that carries with it a presence. The music ranges from the melodic through to heavy. It seems to sit nicely as Alt/Rock but has enough of it’s own moxie to stand proud; irrespective of genre, and enough refrain to keep them in check. These guys can certainly pen a tune. Well worth checking out.

To quote the great man himself; “Isn’t this religious, ah yes. The eternal battle between good and evil, saint and sinners… but you’re still not having any FUN!”

Line Up
Benn Gibson – Vocals/Guitar
Michael “Clam Slammer” Fulcher – Guitar
Joe Dryden – Bass
Chris Gilks – Drums

Chapter One
Winter Lights
Across The Water
Jenny 23
This Is Not
The Condemned


Words by Jon.

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