Dust Bowl Jokies

I am not sure how this happens, but I tend to be listening to more and more Swedish and Scandanavian music! This as it it happens, is not necessarily a bad thing!

Mixing a deep Southern twang, with a hint of hard rocking goodness, by the time you have read this the opening track has hit you between the ears! With vocals somewhere between Steve Tyler and Tom Keifer, some kicking drums and guitar licks that just ooze from the speakers, these guys are in one word; “Rockin”!

The second offering on this double A-side is a harder hitting track that unleashes more energy than “The Wicked”; and perhaps not as catchy but flows on perfectly, dropping the Southern feel for that harder feel. An uncompromising Rock track pah; forget my ramblings, watch the video

Another case of two tracks is not enough, but plenty to get you hooked on these guys. The catchy melodies, the beat to get the head nodding; your heart starts pumping and you just want to play air-guitar!

Dust Bowl Jokies

Line Up
Alexx – vocals/percussion/harmonica
Victor – lead/rhythm guitar
Nicke – lead/rhythm guitar
Action – drums, percussion
Freddan – bass

Track Listing
The Wicked
Blood, Sweat, & Perfume


Words by Jon

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