Oh Captive

The term “rising star” can often carry such delusional prospects, but when you’re Oh Captive, the hype is well deserved. Bursting into life on the live circuit amongst some of the underground scene’s finest has served the outfit well, as their new release “Advance Creature” shows maturity and execution in their song writing beyond their years.

The nature of the band’s sound to fuse elements of post-punk and alternative rock compliments front man, Tim Kelly’s sweet vocal melodies perfectly alongside their atmospheric guitar tones. Adding to this, “Retreat Being” highlights the power and structure this band possesses, with an impressive climax to a well rounded effort.

Oh Captive

Despite offering little originality at times, Oh Captive boast a youthful, bright quality to their sound, whilst injecting venom when it’s needed. Their rising star status is well deserved, but soon enough I expect they will take flight. Instead of simply sitting comfortably amongst the bands they have opened for in the past, they will take a deep breath and break through the atmosphere.

Track Listing
1. Beds of Many Ghosts
2. Terrible Lives
3. Advance Creature
4. Retreat Being


Words by George Fullerton.

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