Following a remarkable recovery in reputation following the release of their previous record “The Pride”, it seems that InMe’s ambition to carry their name onwards and upwards in recent years is proving worthwhile. Perfectly happy to build on the existing love and support from their adoring fans, the band have once again delivered a release which carries a genuine spark throughout.

Boasting the familiar signature sound of InMe, The Destinations EP immediately soars triumphantly through opener “Pelorus Jack”, with the ever present vocal capacity of Dave McPherson; making the transitions from touches of delicacy to the usual spine tingling power in his delivery. While graceful melodies coincide beautifully with an engaging and emotional array of instrumentals, we are reminded of just how potent the InMe paradigm can be.


The oddly named, lengthy finale “Beached Whales” closes proceedings perfectly in a typically smooth and fluid manner. You do find yourself unable to cope with the length of this release, which can only prompt further evidence that a new full length album is in desperate need. It seems that once again, InMe have reminded us why their brilliance is untouchable.

Track listing
Pelorus Jack
Driftwood Figurines
Beached Whales


Words by George Fullerton.

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