Weymouth Pavillion

Reel Big Fish

Sitting on the gorgeous sunny seaside setting of Weymouth, the Pavilion welcomes the perfect solution for the usual midweek blues through a performance from the legendary third wave ska veterans, Reel Big Fish. Opening proceedings were up and coming ska punk outfit, The Jellycats, whose electric enthusiasm and energetic performance managed to gradually fill an initially fairly empty room. Their front-woman, Emma exhibited a powerful, soaring vocal display to coincide perfectly with the ecstatic sounds of the five piece and provided a quality beginning to an exciting line-up. Utterly infectious with a welcome Essex twang, The Jellycats are a breath of fresh air to the name of third wave ska.

After hearing several highly positive reviews of the next band, it was no surprise to discover that The Magnus Puto are an outstanding live act. Offering a blend of melodic rap infused ska with touches of indie rock, the outfit overcome a lethargic start to their set with an eventual standard worthy of the likes of The King Blues. Despite rarely offering hooks which stayed glued in my mind, it is certainly their ability to expertly work intricate verses around pulsating instrumentals which showed the class of a band who will one day rival the headliners.

Reel Big Fish

Despite having admired Reel Big Fish for countless years, this was in fact my debut appearance at one of their live shows, so the experience was breathtaking (literally). Once the inflatable alligator was in the crowd, there was no way back. Reel Big Fish immediately proved themselves as the ultimate party band, with their emphatic brass section hammering out their unforgettable melodies, with the likes of ‘Sell Out’ and ‘She’s Got a Girlfriend Now’ forming irreplaceable memories. Despite their humorous outlook, their talent is unmistakable, with front man Aaron Barrett exhibiting his impeccable vocal quality throughout their set. Less Than Jake v Reel Big Fish? It shouldn’t be asked, because both bands serve their own purpose and offer the same blistering energy and sublime quality. Their performance tonight was one of endless joy, boasting classic anthems which will live long in the memory.


Words by George Fullerton.

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