Where to start…It is Electronic, and some might say Industrial, definitely alternative – and not overly mainstream. There are samples, soundscapes, and strong disillusion at the government (I think any government or system, but possibly more focused towards the US of A). But this is not Metal, or Rock as you would imagine it. They describe themselves as an Electronic Rock group. What can be said though, is that it is original, and falls fairly close to performance art.

It opens gently with it’s title track, which simply has the lyric “We Don’t Believe You”, interspersed with spoken word and piano work, and while it could be a political statement against governments; it gentle washes over you.

This vibe follows into the next track “C’est La Guerre”, but it soon introduces a more structured sound; with a stronger rhythm and distorted sounds – but not noise. The vocals have an almost anthemic, laid back stance as the male voice states “I am nobody, nobody, nobody,…”. The Rock stylings start to show in “My Life Is My Message”; a till laden with samples and electronic tricks, it packs more of a punch. As a curve ball “Kaufen Macht Frei – Buy Baby Buy” has an almost Hawaiin slide guitar vibe underpinning it, and a much slower rhythm. You are left thinking, considering the theme of this album, that this track could easily have been some form of governmental or corporate propaganda. Whereas “194” pulls no punches with its anger towards the system and America. As the vocals call out “Enough”, as well as the spoken diatribe against oppression.

I am finding it hard to describe, at times I was thinking early Art Of Noise without the chaos. Possibly some Yello thrown in for good measure? As Borghesia have been known for their performance, and confrontational work, it can at times be hard to comment on. Factor in that Borghesia hail from Slovenia, the same country as Laibach, so you can easily draw parallels, not just musically, but also from a political and dystopian views, you can start to understand their discordance. With a back catalogue going back to 1985 they have helped shape their countries underground dark electronic scene along with stable mates Laibach.

The underlying stance for this album is that the old political systems are just being replaced by new ones that are as ineffective as those they are replacing. Despite the heavy themes and concepts being put across, this album draws you in with its interesting sounds, and structures.

“We Don’t Believe You” is out now on Metropolis records.

Track Listing
We Don’t believe You
C’est La Guerre
My Life Is A Message
Kaufen Macht Frei – Buy Baby Buy
Profit, Power and Lies
Para Todos Todo
Too Much Is Not Enough
Shoot At The Clock!

Words by Jon.

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