Mark Vennis and a Different Place

The latest EP from Mark Vennis And A Different Place is an ideal summer track in its sound, but it forces you to think aback to an age that has passed, and to listen to the story and emotions being shared with the listener. This is all bundled in with a raw Rock/Indie sound that hits the mark dead on.

The sound is one of a Indie/Rock, but not harsh or demanding – but focused and considered. Plus, there is a raw quality to the vocals and that just enhances the sounds – almost a throwback to an age gone by.

The opening track is quite stirring as the singer looks back on a lost age, and the choices made when younger. In fact this permeates throughout the whole EP, and it has that coming of age feel from a lost youth, perhaps one that leads you down the wrong path; to the person you are now reflecting on those days gone by.

Mark Vennis and a Different Place

There is an overriding melancholic vibe to the album, the gentle guitars and tambourine; everything just pushes you in a thoughtful and deep direction. As with Unchartered Water… that honest quality is still present, as the sound and lyrics are laid bare for the listener with nothing masking the raw emotions. The sound is a little less rockier but this appears to show a slightly different direction, and honing of their skills. The EP is well worth getting, and as ever I look forward to more material from this Petersfield-based four piece.

This review might be a little thin on words, but listen to the videos and see where they take you.

Line Up
Mark Vennis: vocals/guitar
Daniel Hunnisett: guitar/vocals/harmonica
Dave Sweetenham: bass.
Dave Phillips: drums

Track Listing
We Were Only Boys Back Then
To The Bright and Shining Sun
Little Ceaser
Road Out Of Town


Words by Jon “living in those bygone days”.

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