The title track, “The Purge”, opens the EP, and sets out to take no prisoners letting the listener know what these guys are about. there is a venomous bite to the lyrics and their delivery. The guitars are fast, and riff ridden, this sets the energy levels for what is to come. As the vocals “this is the purge” ring out, you feel they are clearing the table and you will pay attention to what they have to say. Whereas “Tear Apart” opens with more of a Mariyln Manson beat, but as the track opens up the rhythm is more flowing, as the beat keeps time forcing your heart to go faster as the riffs kick in.


In a change of direction “The Game” opens with a piano, and throws you the curveball, but evolves as the driving guitar work pushes you as the vocals was hover you. The pace is slower, and this just emphasizes the guitar work as they hit a harder.

Whereas “Don’t Like You” opens in a more punk rock vein, as the drums thunder at you with the guitars providing an infectious rhythm, that instantly gets the heart beating. No doubt a live favourite, and the perfect fuel for the mosh pit. This is a stand out track on the EP.

“Taking Control” closes the EP, and ends on the energy that started proceedings, in fact I would go as far as saying that there is an anthemic quality to the track, it has a large sound that could just get a stadium rocking.

These guys have a solid sound, a hard [alt] rocking vibe, that is underpinned by their influences, and although they do not overtly sound like their peers and influences, there is a quality, and a vibe, that just adds depth to their sound. Throughout everything seems a little Goldilocks; just the right guitar, just the right vocals, just the right beat, just the right amount of electronics. Blending hard rock, punk rock, a small dollop of industrial, and giving it all their own spin. They have really hit the spot. This EP should set them on a strong and steady course, and even with the “alt” and “industrial” tags being bandied about, there is nothing stopping them getting mainstream airplay.


“The Purge” was released on the 1st September.

Line Up
Danny Jones
Corey Jones
Tyla-Joe Connett
Damon Head

Track Listing
The Purge
Tear Apart
The Game
Don’t Like You
Taking Control


Words by Jon.

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