Coming out of London is the quartet “Heel” with their own brand of Indie/Alt Rock and a fair dollop of attitude.

The opening track sums this up with perfection, as Maggie’s voice seduces you into the EP, check out the video;


“Gone” maintains the stronger moments of ‘Stranger’ but is slightly edgier, perhaps even darker. It’s rhythm is slightly more punctuated, still leaving room for the odd guitar solo here and there. Whereas “We’ll Fall Back In Love” is a softer track, while not having the punch of the first two tracks it does make up for it with its melancholic vibe, showing another side to the band. The vocals are more emphatic, the music is kept under control and keeps the focus on the vocals. In the second half there’s a nice guitar solo, and although this is the longest track on the EP coming in at just under 4:30, everything is well paced and does not feel drawn out – especially when you consider the first two tracks are both under 3 minutes.

“Not You” returns the tempo with a Rockier vibe, and that edge is back. You almost feel that the song is focused at you, almost as a challenge. The rhythm pounds out, at times in a fast, persistent style; then pulls itself in, letting the guitars take over. Possibly a contender for best track on the EP, close with the opener “Stranger”.


They have managed to produce an Alt/Pop-Punk EP, with a Metal edge, but it is a double edged blade. As much as I like the EP, I also found it a little lacking – but I cannot put my finger on why. Yet it pulls me back, and has had a number of plays. The bitter undertone, the edginess to proceedings?

They are trying to carve themselves a niche with their own sound, and throughout the EP there is a certain synergy that keeps everything tight. It feels so natural for these guys; couple this with a slight edge, it makes me think they have the chance of great things.

Line Up
Vocals – Margarita
Guitar – Dan
Bass – Yuta
Drums – Tom

Track Listing
We’ll Fall Back In Love
Not You


Words by Jon.

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