The Anvil, Bournemouth

The C-30s

A mild night in Bournemouth is instantly woken up by 3 “noisy” bands in the intimate venue that is The Anvil. I arrive late but just in time to catch Snail Chasers. This 3 piece deliver a confident set of originals. However, my ear defenders were a must tonight-they are deafeningly loud! They open with “Tie Me Up” and bludgeon our senses here on in. Snail Chasers are new to me and while I can’t quite pigeonhole them to any particular influences, they make a decent racket! “Vigilante” is a standout cut with its harsh vocal and thumping drums, but on this evidence there really are no weak songs.

Snail Chasers
Snail Chasers 12

The Electric Shakes are up next with their very clear and professional sound. There’s no half measures as they open with the anthemic “Go”. “Get Loose” is an early highlight and I’m getting a “Dirty Rock ‘n Roll” feel to this band already. Once again band info is in short supply but the bassist is pulling some impressive shapes, while the singer has a strong, confident delivery. The drummer reminds me of a young Gene October (Chelsea)-in fact his confidence in backing vocals and drums are impressive, even if there’s one too many solo’s (for me)! They slow down proceedings with “Test of Time” then launch back into power with penultimate track “The Doctor”, before smashing it with “Lightspeed Mother”. Another first for me; but this band once agian, despite influences are onto something.

The Electric Shakes
The Electric Shakes 12345

And so to the headliners. C-30’s are no strangers to this venue and I kinda know what to expect. That said they play some songs new, even to this reviewer (I’ve seen them many times)! They open with “Riding Away” before a new song (to me) “Sgt. Wilko”. Knowing singer Andy’s musical taste I can only hazard a guess at the influence for the song but hey, I could be wrong! Ever present “Plasticum” is as good as ever despite Andy having pedal issues! One always knows what to expect from a C-30’s show-humour, lunacy, ad-libbing etc-tonight is no different which is what makes them what they are. Their blood and thunder delivery is apparent tonight despite Dom (drums) looking concentrated throughout. While Andy is gurning all evening Paul to his right is simply grinning. Set highlight comes in the form of the singalong “Wake Up”, which is delivered with Paul’s unerring harsh vocal tones. “Beach Bum” is as ever great but they save the best til’ last. A cover of The Beatles “Ticket to Ride” is prolonged into a big jam whereupon Andy decides to play his guitar over Paul’s head, before placing said instrument about his body! It really had to be seen to be believed! I never tire of originality and spontaneity and while I could’ve seen countless cover bands around town, tonight I plumped for originality.

The C30's
The C30’s 

Snail Chasers
Tie Me Up
White Light
Itchy Feet
Out of Action
Nowhere To Go

The Electric Shakes
Get Loose
Get On Love
Daddy’s Girl
This Is Life
Should Of Known
Hip To Be Gone
Test of Time
The Doctor
Lightspeed Mother

Riding Away
SGT. Wilco
That Mouldy One
Fading Out of View
Harmony Girl
Eleven Mile High Club
Leave It Alone
Ain’t No Easy Way Out
Wake Up
If Only I Could Remember
Beach Bum
It’s On
Ticket To Ride (Beatles Cover)


Review and Pictures by Ross a. Ferrone

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