Your Favourite enemies

There is a certain something; a spark a vibe. You just know you are going to like something. As the First track opens, not “Satsuma Yami” as this is more of a intro piece, you just know. Although “Satsumi Yami” starts to set the scene – as “Empires Of Sorrows” strips it all back to bare bones. The spoken words grow in their power and the music follows suit; as the guitar work picks away at you, as it all comes together.

Following on from the catchy bass and fast ticking tempo of “A View From Within” comes the catchy; and possibly most accessible track on the album, “Where Did We lose Each Other”;

With the Japanese-sounding intro, through to the video for “Where Did We lose Each Other”, there is a slight Japanese vibe which comes as no surprise. After a little research they have had a successful Japanese tour, as well as writing tracks for a Final Fantasy game.

“From The City To The Ocean” whose simplicity is almost overwhelming, and it is not long before you find yourself repeating these lyrics again and again, in time with the track as if hypnotised.

Your Favourite enemies

From the discordant guitar sound to the Indie/Rock vibe, ‘Enemies’ grabs you. There is an understated force that won’t let you go until you have played the album, and not just once. At times you might feel it is a little underwhelming; perhaps bland, but there is something that just pulls you into their world. Be it from the simplicity of “From The City To The Ocean”; to the full on “Where Did We lose Each Other”, they have crafted their own sound perfectly. Showing a sublime ability to blend Alt/Rock with their own dose of “cool” – something that their sound just “has”. At times dark, at times a little discordant as well as the underpinning Alt/Rock vibe. More importantly, all of this without any hint of pretention.

This was the first time I had heard of Canadian Alt/Rockers, and I hope it is not my last – shame I was in London the week before their two nights coming up at Dingwalls.

Their fourth album “Between Illness And Migration” is out now from all the usual places.

Line Up
Alex (Lead Singer)
Miss Isabel (Keyboards)
Jeff (Rhythm Guitar)
Sef (Lead Guitar)
Ben (Bass)
Moose (Drums)

Track Listing
Satsuki Yami
Empire Of Sorrows
A View From Within
Where Did We Lose Each Other
Underneath a Stretching Skyline
From The City To The Ocean
I Just Want you To Know
1-2-3 (One Step Away)
Obsession Is A Gun
Muets Aux Temps Des Amours


Words by Jon.

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