the Beards

It seems that everyone’s favourite bearded band have changed their ways for their fourth album…oh wait? it’s another album all about BEARDS!? Excellent news!

It’s no mystery that The Beards revel in a particular hair related topic, but somehow they manage to come back record after record and reinvent the reasons why we should be embracing the magnificence of our hair follicles. As the momentous ‘Beards Are Back’ breathes new life into this hilarious outfit’s material, the seamless transition into ‘Damn, That’s a Nice Beard’ can’t help but raise a few beard hairs. It’s inevitable to find yourself stroking your chin to the stomping tempo of their upbeat bearded anthems, as the sparkling production of the record coincides with the incredibly chipper atmosphere they have created through an array of buoyant melodies. Even the seductive tones of ‘Touch Me In The Beard’ offers a distinct new tangent to their beard-inspired melodies, as the band fuse their accomplished song-writing and downright hilarious lyrics to leave you unsure whether you should be laughing or blown away by the talent on display.

the Beards

The gloriously gifted Johann Beardraven once again provides a stunning vocal display throughout the record, particularly in the beard-tingling harmonies of lead single ‘All The Bearded Ladies’; as the upbeat melodies and potent riffs beautifully compliment one another. Naturally, the novelty of their beard related mischief may wear a bit thin by the end of a full listen for a mediocre fan of beards, but there’s no doubt that the bands prowess as representatives of beards worldwide is still well and truly intact.

How far can they go with their bearded message? That’s the real question…by album seven will they have bored us to death with their lust for facial hair, or will the entire world be stroking their beards in unity, regardless of age or gender? Only time will tell, but I think the latter would be much more plausible following this definitive release. Unbeardlievable quality.

Line Up
Johann Beardraven
Nathaniel Beard
Facey McStubblington
John Beardman JR.

Track Listing
Beards Are Back
Damn That’s A Nice Beard
I Like Beards
There’s A Bearded Man Inside Me
All the Bearded Ladies
The Bearded Pledge
Strokin’ My Beard
Touch Me in the Beard
I Have a Beard and it Looks Really Good
A Bit of my Beard
Hey You, Grow a Beard


Words by George Fullerton.

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