Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe

the Electric Shakes

Tonight the Cellar bar plays host to Conrad Barr’s regular band night Rubber Soul, with two local acts of quite differing styles. First up are Faces-inspired 4 piece The Affected Four. Having produced an albums worth of material in 2012 the band have decided to try out some new material on this local crowd.

They open with “All In The Mind” and for those of us standing near the front it’s deafening! There’s an instant \wall of bass”! That aside it’s a full sound with if anything; a harsh, vocal delivery from Rich (vox/guitar). “Lover Lovely” soon follows as Rich grows in confidence while Gary (bass/vox) is principal “shapeshifter” for the night (with added gurning)!

The Affected Four
The Affected Four 123

One can’t but help hearing an overriding “Faces” influence throughout, although many comparisons could be made. Growing as they do into their set they deliver their best song in the shape of “Invisible Man”. Graham’s “subtle” keys are a standout feature of the set without overpowering Tony’s pounding drums. Considering this band rarely play live they give a decent account of themselves, not least while covering Inspiral Carpets “Saturn 5”. It’s a raw version; over-laden with guitar, that lacks the originals finesse. However, they deliver it in their own unique style and make this reviewer smile at least! They end the set with “You’re Too Much” to generous applause and we look forward to tonight’s headliners.

Having seen The Electric Shakes recently at The Anvil I’m hoping they can re-create the buzz they produced that night. They do, and some! Opening with the excellent “Go” the “dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll” feel immediately comes to the fore. Steve (vox/guitar) has a crisp, clear vocal style that sits perfectly with their sound. His low-slung guitar style looks great, even on this “cramped” stage-floor space is at a premium tonite! “Get Loose” follows with a power and delivery that reminds this reviewer of (early) Datsuns. It’s an anthemic stomper of a song with a singalong chorus just made for the live arena-an early highlight. “Get On Love” takes the pace up a notch with some swirling guitars and some frenetic hitting from “Bash”, who adds backing vocals.

The Electric Shakes
The Electric Shakes 1234

“Daddy’s Girl” opens with some clangy guitars but is mellower in it’s overall sound. There’s hints of The Clash in the song (to this reviewer) but one could pick any of a number of bands. Where I feel this band excel is in their ability to make this style of music, while keeping the overall sound tight and clean-sounding. It would be all too easy to just “bang out a huge wall of sound with unintelligable lyrics”. I decide to listen to part of their set from the back of the room, but there’s no difference-they simply deliver. Completing their line-up is Eric (bass/vox), somewhat a “veteran” to the local scene, who is confident throughout.

“Test of Time” slows the tempo right down, allowing band and audience alike to catch their breath! They end with the excellent ‘Lightspeed Mother’ and are encouraged vociferously to return for an encore. They duly oblige with newie “Curtain Call”. It’s more of the same and doesn’t disappoint and we are once again treated to a reprise of “Go”. With their recent self-titled 6 track EP simply a “must buy” I would suggest The Electric Shakes definitely fall into the bracket of “one’s to watch”. If you only go and see one band in the next 6 months, make it The Electric Shakes.

The Affected Four
All In The Mind
Lover Lovely
I Know What I Know
Deceiving Me
You’re Gonna Miss Me
Walk With Me
Invisible Man
Concrete Heart
Halopendol Shuttle
Saturn 5 (Inspiral Carpets cover)
You’re Too Much

The Electric Shakes
Get Loose
Get On Love
Daddy’s Girl
Should of Known
Hip To Be Gone
Test of Time
Covered In Soil
The Doctor
Lightspeed Mother

Curtain Call


Words & Pictures By Ross A Ferrone

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