Clear The Auditorium

Welsh outfit Clear The Auditorium have a powerhouse of an EP. Rebooting their debut EP, “2021”, “The Final Broadcast’ which takes their view of WW3, hence the future year of 2021.

Blending clean vocals, screaming elements of Hardcore, all to a backdrop of guitars and synths, you end up with an Electro/Rock soundscape with hooks, and rhythms, all pulling you into their world. Of course this is all offset by the Hardcore attitude that pushes through at those points that just demand energy and anger to burst out of your speakers.

…and then in the middle of it all you get an intermission! Now this was a real curve ball – especially if you had the volume cranked up.

Clear The Auditorium

As you listen to their story; and digest the potential reality of this story, you realise that not only does the story flow but that the standout factor is how enveloping it becomes without you noticing – either from the clean vocals or attack and ferocity of those screams. And before you know it you could miss a track. Closing the EP is the “Epilogue”, and it is a fitting close. Almost the power ballad-styled track, causing reflection and thought.

As the EP draws to a close “Ozymandius” takes on a more powerful stance, perhaps leading them into a stadium Rock sound – certainly this is a “big” track, and while punctuated with Hardcore sections you cannot help but think of either 30 Seconds, or Pendulum – high praise admittedly, but depending on their follow up, could be justified.

This EP got more than a few plays, these guys have worked hard to craft their sound and hone their skills. This EP comes throughly recommended, and they will take you on if they have to! To quote them; “Don’t give up on me, no matter whatever you say I will never fade away”

As for the war?

Lets hope their prediction is wrong.
Lets hope this is not their Final Broadcast.

Line Up
Dafydd ‘Taf’ Richards – Electronics/Vocals
Matthew Bennett-Jones – Guitar/Vocals
Conor Evans – Bass
Caleb Priday-Jeremiah – Drums

Track Listing
If We Burn
Vacant Streets
We Are The Danger


Words by Jon.
Photo by Jenny Thunder.

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