Machine Rox

“Next Level” is the new offering from electro-industrial outfit, Machine Rox. Before I was asked to review this album, I’d only heard briefly of them and I certainly didn’t have any of their material in my collection. The London-based outfit have been in existence since 2007 and this is their second full-length album, the eagerly awaited follow-up to “Shout”. I’ve heard comparisons to Rob Zombie and Rammstein, both of which feature extensively in my music library, so I was excited to give it a listen.

Opening track “Lost My Mind” is a melodic industrial offering, a little bit repetitive and, steady throughout; a perfect introduction to what is to come. Second track “Love Explosion” is a more upbeat, faster song. There is a short but sweet guitar riff in the middle. “Losers In Your Game” is more metal, with some dirty guitar underpinning the song. This is a track I can see getting played in the clubs, and there is a vague Marilyn Manson-eque vibe about it.

“Electric Sun” comes as close as this electro outfit will get to a ballad, whilst next offering “Illusion” is quite a full-on track, but never quite delivers on the promise of an all-out industrial affair.

Machine Rox

A remix of “Cycle Complete” has just been released on Machine Rox’ Facebook page, so it would be worth heading over and checking it out. Frantic paced, it definitely has both feet planted firmly in the dance camp than rock, but it’s still a decent track.

“Last Kamikaze” has some beautiful piano work at the start, with a nice bit of guitar. It’s a slower track and I can imagine it being used in a post-apocalyptic montage in a film. I think it’s a little haunting.

“Breathe Again” and “My Own Religion” bring more of the same to the party, although the latter is rather too dance-like for my taste, even with the guitars running through it. I do, however, really like “Mind Game”. I feel like I could be in a computer game whilst I’m listening to it; it’s fast, chuggy, and has some good vocal stylings in the chorus.

“You Belong To Me” is a perfect closing track – repetitive, plenty of guitar and a good catchy hook.

Overall, this is definitely a band that I will add to my collection and I think on the whole, “Next Level” is a good album, but it does tend more towards the dance side of things. If, like me, you like your “industrial” music a lot heavier and leaning more on the rock side, it may disappoint, but I would still recommend it. It’s great to get ready to for a night out and I’m sure it’s already a hit on club dancefloors.

Track listing
Lost My Mind
Love Explosion
Losers In Your Game
Electric Sun
Cycle Complete
Last Kamikaze
Breathe Again
My Own Religion
Mind Game
You Belong To Me


Words by Vikkie Richmond (blog | FaceBook | Twitter)

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