The Anvil, Bournemouth

Death Of An Artist

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. It’s no secret that this gut wrenching statement applies to local outfit Death of an Artist, who take to the stage for one final farewell. Adding insult to injury, special guests Heart In Hand announce their withdrawal due to illness only a couple of hours before doors. However, there was nothing that could stop tonight from being anything other than a special send off to one of the brightest bands to emerge from this town.

Although the night is celebrating the extinction of a Bournemouth great, the openers tonight are performing only their second live performance since forming and it seems that although local outfit Discoveries are fresh on the scene, they are no amateurs. Exhibiting a performance of surprising maturity and solid melodies, the band show that they aren’t set to remain a warm up act for long. Their impact tonight shows that there’s good reason to keep the faith in the local scene, as although their dynamics rarely varied, they could well continue the traditions of tonight’s headliners.

Discoveries 1

There was yet another welcome surprise tonight as The Valiant showed just how much their live displays have improved since releasing their debut album ‘Empress Heights’ at the beginning of this year. Their performance is laced with pulsating aggression and gripping conviction, as their larger than life riffs and crushing breakdowns greatly impress. Their sound may not offer anything fresh within their genre, but the moments where their soaring cleans and brutish screams coincide hint at greater things for an up and coming outfit. It’s only a matter of time before The Valiant will make the vital step up to a level where they can consistently captivate.

The Valiant
The Valiant 12

It’s an emotional climax to the history of such a memorable outfit, as Death of an Artist have continually delivered breathtaking quality in their material over the years. Tonight is no different, as the band emerge for the last time to a packed out room. Although the special moments are saved for last, “Acceptance” from their latest EP shows that this band were hardly falling short in their recent efforts, as the enormous chorus and soaring riffs show that their demise won’t have been linked to the quality of their song-writing since their emphatic debut album. There’s a sense of genuine despair after every song, as even Charlie Holmes from Heart In Hand shows that he’s choked up about sharing the stage for the last time with them, but still manages to display his typically hair raising vocal quality for his feature in “Deny/Accept/Deny”.

Death Of An Artist
Death Of An Artist 123

After over two years since releasing their acclaimed debut album “X”, the likes of “Wasted Time” and “Dreamer” still sound just as game changing as ever, with the stunning guitar work of Mark Betteridge and Daniel Jeanne ever present. You can’t help but savour every moment, as their melodic post-hardcore anthems deliver unrelenting quality from the first to the very last chord. In a world of bands who barely differ within the hardcore genre, Death of an Artist should be proud to know that they have made a difference and birthed a sound which Bournemouth will struggle to replicate. One can only hope that they will someday rebirth and rediscover their place as a defining band.

A stunning send off for a stunning outfit.
Death of an Artist; thanks for everything.


Words by George Fullerton
Photos by Ed Smith Photography

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