Atlas Losing Grip

This review has been a long time coming. Since it was first played to now, the vocalist has left and the album is still to be released (although I need to check the dates!). The problem with these kind of delays is that when you like something, you keep playing it. Then you forget to write down notes, you just get swept up in the music. Then the release date is upon you, and you have nothing written down. Well thats exactly what happened here, and I neglected to write up “Currents” by this Swedish group.

As the album opens with “Sinking Ship” with its gentle guitar work, and soundscape backdrop you get taken on a journey; as the guitars open up with the short licks. All carried by their own power as the percussion hits you like the breaking of waves. Subtly, this all builds up and before you know it the guitars crank up the tempo; and the beat reaches a frenzy. Despite this potential chaos it is all tight and held together well, and half expecting some form of gutteral vocals you are treated to the clean vocals of Rodrigo.

Next up is “Curse”, possibly following inline with the “Sinking Ship” vein. The power and tempo is maintained, and you just cannot stop your head nodding and foot tapping – a vibe that permeates throughout as the guitar work soars, only letting up for the vocals to ring out. With “Shallow” showing how well they can not only put a tune together, but pull it off-sublime skill and dexterity.

“Nemesis” opens to a more Punk rock vibe as the fast paced vocal delivery, and almost machine-gun style drumming hammers out on the skins. No doubt a live favourite, just to finish off the crowd taking out the last drops of energy – and it is not even halfway through the album! This eases up towards the end, just enough to give you chance to catch your breath. It also goes to show they certainly know how to craft a song.

“Closure” is the left field track. The mandatory soft track, and as ever it works. The gentle acoustic guitar, the vocals reflecting on things gone by. Although the softer track; or acoustic track seems to be both mandatory and cliched, it works-plain and simple!

Atlas Losing Grip

Throughout their brand, melodic Rock just hooks you in. The album is thoroughly enjoyable and I apologise for taking so long to put finger to keyboard to bang out these comments and observations! It is hard to put this review together, as with the future line-up changing, who knows what the future sound will be like? The good news is that Niklas has stepped up to the mic, and the band feel he is a perfect match. However, I have yet to hear him, but if it is anything like this album then it will be well worth tracking down and listening to, because there is some real talent here and it would be a shame to lose that.

..and yet no UK dates for the up and coming European tour…boo…hiss…

Line Up
Niklas Olsson – Vocals
Stefan Bratt – Bass
Gustav Burn – Guitars
Max Hudd̩n РGuitars
Julian Guedj – Drums

Track Listing
Sinking Ship
The Curse
Kings And Fools
Cast Anchor
Unknown Waters
The End
Through The Distance
Cold Dirt


Words by Jon.