Mr. Kyps, Poole on 22nd Feb 2015 Support From The Secrets

Garland Jeffreys

Tickets in advance £15.00 from venue or online here and Big Brother Records, 379 Ashley Road, Poole, Dorset BH14 0AT Tel 01202 731419.

Garland Jeffreys recently had his “Wild in the Streets” from 1973 voted 7th best song about New York in a “Village Voice” Top 60 listing and was also acclaimed by “New Yorker” magazine. His albums have been populated by some of the finest session players in the world for a couple of decades. Steve Gadd, Steve Jordan, Sly & Robbie, Brecker Brothers, Dr John, Pino Palladino, Sonny Rollins, Hugh McCracken……you get the idea.

Garland Jeffreys

Garland went quiet on us for a while but that was because he was devoting his focus on raising his daughter Savannah who is 17 now, and a songwriter with a considerable following. There was 13 years between albums before 2011’s The King of In Between so Jeffreys again has directed his considerable energies and restless creativity towards writing and performing. And, oh, how that’s evident on his new album, Truth Serum, one of his best albums in a catalogue full of moving, important work.

“This new album was really a different kind of experience,” Jeffreys says from his New York apartment. “These songs came out, bang, whole songs. I don’t know where they came from. And then, in the studio, each song was one take.”

After The King of In Between, Jeffreys’ relatively low profile disappeared with appearances on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” on stage with his old pal, Bruce Springsteen, and performances across the globe (Jeffrey’s has remained popular in Europe where his song, “Matador” remains a radio staple). Jeffreys recently turned 70, but his live performances and his joy for life are undiminished. He will still jump from the stage and strut through the audience. When one story ends, there’s always another about to begin, if you’re listening. And he’s as confident in his writing as he’s ever been.

Garland Jeffreys

If you want to see an artist still at the top of his game at an age when many have reached for the snooze option with recorded and live output, this gig is for you. Red hot and highly sympathetic New York band will accompany him. His recent gig on New Year’s Eve in the Big Apple drew the likes of David Byrne and Laurie Anderson (Lou Reed’s widow) to the show. Garland and Lou were life long buddies and this sometimes shows in Garland’s songs. The set list on the night included a cover of the V.U’s “Waiting for the Man”


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