Riviera Hotel, Bournemouth


Each Wednesday the Swing Unlimited Jazz club put on events in Bournemouth’s Riviera Hotel, the music genre of Jazz can be so diverse and far reaching that you never really know what you are going to get from week to week. The club are happy to put on artist’s who want to push the musical boundaries and stretch the imagination. Tonight is no different, we have a rare gig by Bournemouth’s finest unclassifiable band Momo:Tempo. Lead singer Timo Peach makes no apologies for taking over the club this evening and even states the aim of the Momo Tempo Electric Pops Orchestra is to “Drive a juggernaut of Pop straight through the middle of the Jazz Club”

The band features a three piece brass section: Trombone, Trumpet, Saxophone, a drummer, a percussionist, as well as Timo himself on keyboards and vocals. The first half of the set features mostly established material from the album “The Golden Age Of Exploration”. The music is well rooted in the 80’s with a modern addictive twist that immediately gets straight to the happy part of your brain. With songs like “Paris Breakfast” and the very moreish “Alhamdulliah”, Timo gets to work doing what he does best-entertaining! Each track has it’s very own story and the audience gets a brief lowdown before it is performed. If you crossed the madcap music of “Yello” with “Divine Comedy”, with a sprinkling of Latino beats and a bit of Kraftwerk you’d come somewhere close to where Momo:Tempo are coming from.

Momo:Tempo 12345

After a short break the band return with a second set and the promise of a world premiere of a couple of brand new songs, from a new soon to be released album. Timo is distinctively English in his delivery and also injects lots of influences from travels across the globe. He is very well spoken and has a voice that you can never tire of listening to and his in-between song stories are as interesting as the music.

Momo:Tempo 12345

One of the new songs comes in the form of “The Circus Of Dr Nemo”, which from the start reminds you of a Monty Python ditty and then radically progresses into the sound of a lively Brazilian carnival. The second is quite a departure and is seemingly much more serious. “All That Love Can Be” shows the great diversity of this band. The sheer quality of the musicianship is as exemplary as the well-written songs. This unit together brings music, comedy, fun and entertainment-all in one band and quite certainly should be heard by a much larger audience. This music should not be classed as niche …………. It indeed could and should be classed as mainstream.

Momo Tempo are
Timo Peach – Vocals/Keyboards
Mark Adkins – Drums
Patrick Hayes – Trombone
Jonny Griffiths – Saxaphone
Simon Mellish – Percussion

Set List
Set 1
Sweet Seeker
Paris Breakfast
The Travel Writer
I Saw You Get On, Would You Like To Get Off?

Set 2
Dead Good
The Circus Of Dr Nemo
All That Love Can Be




Words By Dave “Smashey” Chinery (Chinners)
Picture By Jon “Nicey” Musselwhite