The Bodega, Nottingham

The Qemists

In a generation where Drum ‘n Bass has finally reached a state of commercial viability, it’s a surprise that The Qemists aren’t currently running alongside the likes of Chase and Status and Rudimental. Although the Brighton based bass tyrants have honed their craft in an alternative scene, the release of their highly anticipated debut album looms, so it should only be a matter of time before they hit their true potential and replicate the dominance of their festival performances on record.

Tonight may as well be a double headliner though, as tour support comes in the form of The Algorithm, whose genre defying quality undoubtedly rivals the headliner. In a world where technology has gifted us with the ability to produce a plethora of revolutionary sounds, Remi Gallego has seized every opportunity to pioneer redefining fabrications of the many existing genres he twists and moulds into his oscillating chaos. Despite touring fairly recently at this venue, there is somehow a new sense of originality in their latest set, as the razor-sharp intricacy of drummer Jean Ferry once again overlays fluctuating synths and bass-driven progressions, but this time the fluency has been adapted to suit the sort of crowd that are here for the headliners alone.

Blending a multitude of heavy elements with spine crushing electronic venom, the set doesn’t follow a predictable pattern for more than thirty seconds, before seamlessly breathing new life into another sonic tangent, as the duo pour every ounce of gusto into every second of their performance. The Algorithm is genuinely something special, as no band has ever dared to manipulate such a variety of sounds in such a distinguished and expertly delivered manner. It may take time for this acquired taste to spread, but there is no doubt that Gallego and Ferry are two of the sharpest talents currently in the alternative scene. Pure distinction from start to finish; The Algorithm are a once in a lifetime experience.

The Qemists

The Qemists have played an important role in the underground drum n bass scene for a while, but as their sharpened potency in recent singles suggests, their debut album will provide an essential turning point in their rise to supremacy. In the intimate Bodega, the band show that regardless of whether they’re playing to thousands or barely a hundred people, they don’t let their attitude drop. Injecting an immediate presence of power and precision, tenacious opener “Warrior Sound” starts their set as they intend to continue; in a frenzy of rock infused hard-hitting drum n bass. The addition of their new vocalist supplies a vital ingredient to the growth of their sound, as faultless, soaring cleans coincide seamlessly with their cutting edge MC, whose buoyancy ceases to waver throughout.

Ultimately, their brilliance can be defined by their ability to deliver a set laden with gripping hooks, crushing bass and impeccable finesse, as the outfit show a clear evolution in their craft, yet a desire to stay true to their underground roots of alternative electronic sounds. Their recent touring stint with Korn may well have unlocked something within them, as the tenacity and pure conviction throughout their display shows that there is a place for this band on the biggest stages in electronic music. This could well be the first glimpse of their true potential, as there’s little doubt in my mind that The Qemists are set to take things to a whole new level this year. Bring on the warrior sound.


Words by George Fullerton.

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