Maverick are a group of young guys who while taking time out from college in the Summer started meeting up for a jam. Their jams suggested that there was some chemistry worth exploring, so things progressed to songwriting and their debut EP “The Adventures of Bad Boy Nick”. The beauty of this recording is that the four songs are all really different in their own right and the band does not seem to have any pre-conceived ideas of how they wanted to sound.

The first track “Bad Boy Nick” has a dreamy “Summery Funky” vibe and features the line “I don’t know where I can find a place that sells positive vibes”: well look no further than this EP, surely gives the listeners these from the uplifting music! “Forest of Doubt” speeds things up with a bit of “Artic Monkeys”-style guitar and a more upbeat sound. “Cover Me (I’m Going In)” is a wierd cross between the The Doors “Hello I Love You” and Blur’s “There’s no Other Way”. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincedence or deliberate.


“Half Locked Doors” is possibly their strongest track; kicking off with dreamy guitars, before going into a fast-paced more original sound. This is the band developing, finding their way through the heavy jungle of influences. This EP shows confindence, self belief and a promise of more to come. These five friends have hit on something here that could just develop into something much bigger.


Track Listing
Bad Boy Nick
Forest of Doubt
Cover Me (I’m Going In)
Half Locked Doors

Line Up
Michael Gilham – Vocals
Guy Anderson – Drums
Harvey Rutland – Guitar
Ben Allott – Guitar
Adam Richardson – Bass



Words by Dave Chinery

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