Mr. Kyps

Wreckless Intent

Featuring: Metaprism, Joda Cema, In The Hills, Greenhorn & Thuum

Established venue Mr.Kyps welcomed the return of one of the best Metal events so popular in the Bournemouth and Poole area, Wreckless Intent. Getting together five popular Metal Doom Rock acts and putting them all together on the same bill, made for an excellent evenings entertainment. WI host Bear Mills took to the stage with his band Thuum and set the tone for the night…loud, heavy and very good music. Their unique blend of sludge thrash captivates the early arrivals and adds a few more fans to their ever expanding base. Next up are Greenhorn and they let the Doom flow freely as the downtuned crunchy slowness of their riffs consumed the crowd and left many a punter open mouthed, agog at the absolute heaviness.


Thuum 123456
Greenhorn 1234

IN THE HILLS reinforced the crushing sound of the night. Hurling riffs around like houses in a tornado. Splintering the eardrums with powerful heavy slugde delivered like a hammer blow. After years off the circuit Joda Cema returned to the metal scene with a resounding crash. Pounding the assembled with their much missed mathcore metal, made all the more fun by lead singer Dan Peaty’s electric stage persona. Welcome back!

In The Hills
In The Hills 1234
Joda Cema
Joda Cema 12345

Winners of Metal To The Masses and by all accounts having played a blinder at Bloodstock Open Air, the Wacken bound Bournemouth melodic prog metal Metaprism have the honour of headlining Kyps. The Yin and Yang, soft and hard, smooth and guttural, woman and man vocal team of Theresa Smith and Jut Tabor added a phenomenal dimension to their sound. Backed up by some seriously good guitar work and a tight rhythm section made Metaprism a joy to watch live. All in all Wreckless Intent was a success and I for one look forward to many more.

Metaprism 123456


Words and Photos: Dan O’Gara.

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