As ever it is easy to judge an album or EP by its cover. Looking at the sun and the blue red cover of “Wild Season” I was unaware of the dark journey I was about to go on. The almost velvet like vocals cruising over the distorted guitars and synths, to the Nick Cave’esque vocals David provides on the tracks to follow.

“A Wild Wild Season” takes on a lighter vibe. Opening with those dark sounding vocals, but equally shared with Georgia as the track progresses.

There is an deniably dark quality to the EP, it flows with its distorted guitar work, pulse
Going back to the cover, there is a psychedelic vibe in the EP, although the it is not immediately apparent, but as you listen to it you notice how it flows, and possibly even a reach a dream like feel through the guitars. In fact hypnotic might be a better description.

“Kids With Guns” cranks it all up with closing lyrics that are chanted, and no doubt a fan pleaser. The fuzzed up guitar opens the track to simple thumping drums managing to strip everything back leaving you with vocals to focus.

“Of Human Bondage” takes on a completely different vibe with its distorted rhythm pounding out like a heartbeat, totally offset by the female vocals smoothly delivered. All accompanied by gentle background sounds, which all crescendos up, and throws in some samples for goo measure. This is a subtle close to the album. It becomes a work of art; “Be still my wicked heart”.


This is an EP I could not put down. I am not sure if it was the mixed vocals, the hypnotic nature, or the dirty fuzzed up guitars, or the some how hypnotic psychedelia. The discrete use of electronics? Blending a dirty city vibe with rhythms that hit home, throw in those aforementioned distorted guitars, an ounce of experimentalism, all carried off with a smoothness that screams out individuality. It would be so easy to draw many parallels, it is all here, in a dark brooding package. Not quite pop, not quite rock, not quite psychedelia, not quite pop, not quite blues – those elements are all there – definitely unique, definitely classic. Not sure if their self description of Psychedlic Power Pop cuts it!

This is well worth looking out for.

Line Up
Dave Tebaldi
Georgia Minelli
Luca Bagatti

Track Listing
Good Morning Star
A Wild Wild Season
Rites Of Spring
Kids With Guns
Of Human Bondage


Words by Jon.

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