The Winchester, Bournemouth


It’s Saturday night in Bournemouth and a new music night makes its debut at The Winchester. “In Utero” tonight sees a double header featuring two bands from the South Coast. From Southampton come Science of 8 Limbs, a two-piece guitar and drum combo. I arrive late but catch the 2nd half of their set. They are loud, brash and full on. At times the guitarist is head down in concentration, while the hitting (in places) is subtle-before the big build up to the heavier element of the song(s). Then there are the heavier songs with thunderous drums and squally guitars. While I am not blown away, this half full venue clearly are. I could make the usual two-piece comparisons, but they are unlike anything I’ve heard before. In fact if I have but one criticism it’s this; they are crying out for a vocalist! After almost an hour they leave us on what seemed like a never ending jam and take the plaudits.

After a brief DJ interlude Deltorers make their way to the stage. The guys have been busy of late playing 3 local shows in 9 days. With Nath’ (guitar/vox) exploring other avenues of musical output recently, it’s good to see him back to what (I feel) he does best. It’s also the first time I get to see new(er) drummer “Zoot Hill Valler”. What comes next is quite simply a musical onslaught! They open with “One Night Stand” which is an epic opener. Early on they show some QOTSA influences while Zoot’s drums are the main feature as he bludgeons the snare with such ferocity. “Honest Policy” is next as they hit us early doors with the classics. Cue early string break for Nath, a pattern which emerges later on! On “Plastic Gold” we see the trademark Nathan shapeshifting begin as he starts to really contort his body. Brenden is content to merely shoegaze while barely moving from his spot.

Deltorers 123456

As the band grow in confidence with each song they appear to get louder, remaining tight throughout. Zoot’s snare finally gives up the ghost mid set giving band and audience time to catch their respective breaths. Recently penned “She Looks Nice” sounds even better live while “Spanish Ghost” is a set highlight. For the last two songs Nath invites “Tokolosh” to add some scratching to “Growl at The Moon” and “In My Head”, before they are invited back for a one song encore. With no more songs to play they simply jam one of the earlier tracks. It’s at this point I’m hearing echoes of “My Vitriol” as those searing guitars play us out. Looking around me at a bigger crowd than I’m used to I feel Deltorers have turned a corner. Gone are the days of playing to much smaller crowds, and while the whole “Grunge” scene may be dormant right now; it’s good to see one or two local bands still flying the flag. Long may that continue.

One Night Stand
Honest Policy
Plastic Gold
Love Is Overrated
This Is My House
Seven Hours
She Looks Nice
Time To Evolve
Spanish Ghost
Growl at The Moon
In My Head


Review and Pictures by Ross A. Ferrone