The Silver bayonets

Earlier this year The Silver Bayonets released their Album and it is quite a kicker! Packed with energy the opener “Schemes” pulls no punches with its infectious melody and hard rhythms. It walks that fine line between Pop/Rock and a hard rocking sound. The drums reach a crescendo towards the end of the track, and just help to raise the energy. “Nowhere Left To Go” explodes with an almost Punk-like guitar attack, but the vocals take a more refrained approach before opening up into a sheer explosion. This is one hell of a frantic track.

“High Life” takes the “Power-Pop cum Rock” approach to new highs as the energy is maintained. The bassline keeps everything on edge as the percussion bangs out the beat. “Constant” turns it all down a notch, even though you expect the energy to explode at any time. Unlike the preceding tracks, when it does; it is with refrain while the vocals give a bite to the lyrics.

The Silver bayonets

“Fairy Tales for the Cynic” is a deeper track with its message about the fact we are shaped by those around us, and no amount of words can change a person from the events that shaped them.

Ironically, “The Loudest Voice” is possiby the gentlest track on the album, packing its punch with lyrical content. The guitars pick away gently between clean and distorted, whilst the constant is the rhythm as the vocals are kept under control.

From here the album takes a more laid back vibe – the energy is there, but it is not the party beast that opened the album. “Low” shows off a guitar solo that gives a well-timed break in the track. Post solo, the track bursts with more energy and slightly different guitar sounds. Whereas “Fly” is possibly the most accessible track on the album, it is a slower number that is delivered in a way that makes you stop and listen. It goes to show that there is a range and flexibility to these guys – not just in the music but lyrically.

Closing the album is “Caving In”, as with “Fly” it makes you stop and think. A track that once complete makes you hit play agin, not just to get back to that raucous first few tracks; but to get back to those other moments, and possibly even moments you might have missed.

The Silver bayonets

The album is a power packed container of energy just waiting to explode. Even at those brief delicate moments, they are soon shattered with a raucous guitar riff. But with those briefer moments are moments of clarity that betrays the noisier passages. Opening as a highly addictive shouty music on energy drinks, with a side helping of sugar; it soon evolves not just in depth, but width; to become a dynamic album of raw talent, possibly even anachronistic.

The album is available now on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Line Up

Track Listing
Nowhere Left To Go
High Life
Fairy Tales for the Cynic
The Loudest Voice
Your Complex Life
Caving In


Words by Jon.

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