Mark Vennis and A Different Place

Now, I am never sure how to quantify these guys. I love their sound, and the vocals always hook me in. There is a quality, a certain something to the sound. A rebel attitude, a DIY mentality; and the sound is uncompromising. Yet betraying this are the quality and production values. The songwriting hits that perfect spot of storytelling – not simple ideas regurgitated, but heartfelt tales of normal folk. It just sounds great and they have a habit of writing poignant songs and catchy tunes. This EP is no different, mixing their Indie/Rock sound with elements of Blues and that hint of Punk attitude.

From the opening story of a man you has lost his dreams, through to the closing “Rattlesnake”,

“Last Of The Holdouts” sets the scene. The story of a man who has lost it all, and will cut his nose off to spite his face. It’s a compelling story, set to the band’s Indie/Rock stylings. The addictive nature of their music is further demonstrated with the second track “Achilles And That Heel”, as the guitars draw you in the drums keep time. The bass keeps you on the edge.

Next up is “Where Do We Go From Here”, a slightly more bittersweet track; one that feels stripped back – then the harmonica kicks in with the chorus. The clickety-click of the rhythm keeps you hooked, as the harmonica punctuates proceedings.

Closing the EP is “Rattlesnake”, a more acoustic-driven track guitar wise and the lyrics take you on a journey of someone who wants to change. The track flows effortlessly over the listener, as the rhythm gently gives the track structure. Even through the breaks, there is a calm.

As a concept, the EP tackles changes that people go through. Either from battling to uphold their principles, even through to extreme results and stubbornness or the regrets for those who regret the choices they have made. Not forgetting the choices to be made when you get to certain points in your life. Underpinning all this is the fact that the situations that the protagonists find themselves in are of their own doing.

Mark Vennis and A Different Place

Not only does Mark know how to write a song, as a band they know how to put these tales to music – and they do it exceedingly well. They manage to capture the imagination and carry you off into their world with passion. All to a backdrop of Alt/Rock, that dabbles with the vibe not far from The Clash, with a hint of Blues and independence.

I loved this EP, as I did with “We Were Only Boys Back Then”. So two EPs? Must be time for another album!

Mark Vennis and A Different Place

Check out their SoundCloud page where you can download both EPs for free!

Line Up
Mark Vennis
Dave Sweetenham
Daniel Hunnisett
Duncan LeFeuvre

Track Listing
Last Of The Holdouts
Achilles And That Heel
Where Do We Go From Here


Words by Jon.

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