Day 4: Sunday 9th August

Rebellion Festival Day 4

As the final day of Rebellion is upon us, this 48-year-old is feeling the pace!

But with one more packed day of music to go I arrive early enough to catch The Cundeez in the Empress. This deeply, political-edged 4-piece make a huge noise this early in the day. “You’re Talkin’ Shite” is a standout song in an altogether decent set. Their wall of sound is accompanied by occasional bagpipe playing from their singer, a first for this reviewer – Bagpipe Punk – whatever next?!

Mid set I head for the Casbah to catch the affectionately named “Angry Itch”. They deliver their angry 3rd wave Punk songs with gravelly vocals and spite. “Don’t Be A Dick” early on kinda says it all really while “Rise Again” is a standout cut. These Brummie youngsters make a big noise and delight some early risers.

Rebellion: Angry Itch
Angry Itch 

Over in the Arena Gone and Lost It are opening up with their fast-paced Ska/Punk. This early in the day they are far too energetic and while they are decent enough, I again go in search of other bands.

Rebellion: Gone And Lost It
Gone And Lost It 

In the Casbah I find Crisis Warning. They are a young, female-fronted band with heaps of energy. The drums are huge although the vocals are delivered with pure emotion. Having been on the Pavilion stage last year they look more comfortable on a wider stage. “I Don’t Wanna” stays in the memory before I again head back to the Arena for Strength in Blunders.

This Wiltshire 3 piece play a ferocious and deafeningly loud brand of speedball Punk with huge drums. It’s all too much for this reviewer whose eardrums are already suffering! A quick lunch means I arrive early to catch one of my musical highlights from 2014. Bradford’s Monster Jaw I discovered playing to barely a dozen people last year in the Arena.

Crisis Warning
Crisis Warning 1

This year they’ve been “promoted” to the Casbah. Once again the omens aren’t good – the crowd is so sparse. They arrive onstage in matching black attire. Their sound, although not strictly Punk, is bigger and more rounded. I just wish there were more people in here to witness it. They are the consummate pro’s though and don’t hold back. They open with “Feel It” as they try to gauge the feeling in the room. Their dark, brooding Indie/Rock sounds immense as they try so hard to get the crowd involved. “Losing All My Friends” sounds as good as ever while “Ludocaine” hits the spot. Again I’m reminded of elements of JAMC (minus the feedback), but they have enough of their own style to make themselves quite unique. However, it’s only when they play their last two songs that they really open up and a few more punters move forward. “Never Change” is Monster Jaw at their finest while “Love” seals the deal and at last they garner generous applause. For this reviewer, they are simply great but one wonders if they would be better off in an Indie or Rock festival environment. The free CD’s, however encourage many takers so one hopes they’ve gained a few more fans.

Rebellion: Monster Jaw
Monster Jaw 
The Terraces
The Terraces 1234

Over in the Arena another of my favourites; this time from two years ago, The Terraces are sound checking. Unlike two years ago though the band will be playing to a significantly larger crowd this time round. With new release “Empire” to plug the band take to the stage and deliver another bullish and energetic set. They open with the now legendary (and familiar) “The Internationals”. One time One Way System bassist Gary Buckley (vox) is using every inch of the stage as he gurns and grimaces his way through “Care About Nothing”. The chemistry between Dean (guitars) and Kingy (bass) is there for all to see. Brabbs (drums) is powerful throughout and their sound as ever is note perfect. “The Hustler” is as good as ever while old favourite “The Union” sounds bigger and better in what has been a simply faultless set (well almost)! They save their crowd pleaser ’til the end with the Clash’s “Complete Control”. The purists will hate me for saying this, but The Terraces bring a new energy to a classic song. They ever so slightly balls up the ending, but the wide smile on Gary’s face suggests he’s gotten away with it! They leave the stage to huge applause and I for one look forward to the new album.

Lunch is taken soon after and on the recommendation of a friend I return to the Empress to catch The Avengers. A band whose claim to fame is they once opened for the Sex Pistols on their final tour-gotta be worth a punt then! They get this reviewer onside early with a cover of “The Professionals” single “1, 2, 3”, and I remain for the majority of their set. Penelope’s vocals are ballsy over those classic late 70’s Punk riffs. “Teenage Rebel” reminds me of Courtney Love, but one can see who came first! Their overall sound is really professional and I am won over. I head next for the Pavilion to catch “Bastards on Parade”, another of the Punk/Folk bands playing this weekend. These humorous multi-instrumentalists keep the crowd entertained with a throaty vocal and some huge drumming.

The Avengers
The Avengers 12

My last JD Weatherspoon’s supper of the weekend is taken before heading back to the Empress to catch Snuff. Again I go on recommendation having never heard or seen them play. At a risk of being shot down in flames from the purists they just remind me of a British Less Than Jake! They are very loud and powerful and actually don’t disappoint – I just feel I’ve heard it all before!

Snuff 1

A quick jaunt next door to the Casbah and a near full room are moving to the beats of the “Rhythm-ites”. They are bringing the vibe down somewhat with some Dub/Reggae beats. Sunday chill anyone?

Rhythm-ites 1

I have to admit I’m always a sucker for a band with a curious name. So it’s back to the Arena for none other than Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies! This Scouse quartet, along with the Dinnerettes could so easily be lumped in with most Novelty Punk acts-but they are so much more than that. They play a kind of 60’s RnR/Punk crossover and entertain throughout. “Dead’s Not Punk” is one of their more interesting songs while “Part Time Punk” certainly resonates with this reviewer. The Dinnerettes however provide the entertainment as they show off their moves, mops in hand. Sunday is definitely proving to be the most entertaining day.

Rebellion: Pete Bentham And The Dinner Ladies
Pete Bentham And The Dinner Ladies 

Halfway through their set I dash to the Empress to catch those stalwart purveyors of all things Glam-The Sweet.

Rebellion: The Sweet
The Sweet 

I have to say for a Punk festival, for a Glam Rock band to pull a crowd this size is impressive indeed. The room is full as they belt out the hits. It’s not long before “Wig Wam Bam” and “Teenage Rampage” are bellowed out but it’s at this point I head for the Casbah for “Citizen Fish”. Once again “Dick” (Subhumans) is using every inch of the stage and encouraging crowd movement and singalongs to an enthusiastic audience. As with my whole weekend though it’s a whistle-stop visit as I head back to the Pavilion to witness the very impressive “Blood or Whiskey”. These Folk/Punkers get the room moving with many anthemic singalongs. They dedicate “Poxy Pub In Our Neighbourhood” to all of us who have experienced this in our own towns. They are another band of fast-paced, multi-instrumentalists with so much energy you wouldn’t think it was the last night of the festival as they induce a mini circle pit.

Rebellion: Blood Or Whiskey
Blood Or Whiskey 

I briefly head back to the Empress to catch The Sweet encore. Seeing Punks and Skins dancing to “Ballroom Blitz” really is a sight to behold. The Sweet prove that Genre counts for nothing – it’s all about the music. They leave the stage to long, loud applause.

My last venture to the Casbah is taken and I’m greeted by a near full room and the deafening songs of The Partisans. They have the crowd eating out of their palms. I have to admit I really don’t know their music, but most of this crowd seem to! The pit down the front are in full flow as their singer leads the singalongs. I stay for half the set before returning to the Empress for the headliners.

So, the final act of the night take to the stage. The room is barely a third full as Less Than Jake walk on, but straight away they get us onside with the set list of their lives. Thankfully the soundman has pitched it just right and we are not deafened. From memory, they open with “All My Friends Are Metal Heads” then proceed to run through their extensive back catalogue. As they hit their stride more and more people seem to be filling the room, albeit predominantly the younger element! The band as per usual swap banter and invite two of the security onstage for a dance-off to “Give Me Something To Believe In” – cue hilarious “bad dance moves”! An enormous circle pit is encouraged during “Plastic Cup Politics” which takes this reviewer back to Reading 2003 when I first really discovered LTJ. With a near full room now in full flow, band and audience move in unison. Less Than Jake (in my opinion) fully deserve to be headliners. Their ability to entertain wasn’t lost on tonight’s audience as the ticker tape rained down and we danced throughout. A fitting end to what has been a fantastic Rebellion 2015. Then again I shouldn’t have expected any different.

Less Than Jake
Less Than Jake 1

Disclaimer: If I haven’t reviewed your band it is through no dislike on my part – it is purely and logistically impossible to review everyone! Some of my “favourites” may appear to be better represented but all opinions are purely honest.


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Review and Pictures by Ross A. Ferrone.

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