Do out shortly, comes “Elements” a Southampton alt-rock outfit with their new EP “Where We Once Begun”. Already drawing comparisons with some big names, and having undergone a recent change in line up, these guys are coming out refreshed and fighting.

Starting proceedings is “Shaman” and by the time it finishes you don’t know what hit you, and I mean that in a good way. It is one heck of an opening, and possibly the strongest track on the EP, high octane, powerful, and thoroughly addictive. With the great lyric “I’m A Superhero Don’t You Know?” this track should be hitting a number of playlists.

“High Time For Being Free” follows “Shaman” with ease has, demonstrating more great guitar licks accompanying the bass and drums, that all point towards a great live track. With the line “This town has got to let us go” potentially indicating that this band might be ready to up their game into the bright lights this might Whereas “Plotting Treason or Saving The World” is a more quirky track with a distinct rhythm it gives the track a slightly laidback feel even through those powerful guitars.

“Make It Out Alive” starts off as the gentle track, but soon punches out, while showing a powerful harder edge to the guys. As the chorus kicks in there is great use of harmonies as the drums carry the track as the guitar punctuate the proceedings – and possibly one for the crowds to shout out along to

Closing off the EP is “Torchlight” and this, again, delivers with ease as the guitar work just hooks you straight in, and ties in perfectly with Ash’s drum work. The closes gently with metronome lick guitar picking, and is a fitting close the EP that leaves you wanting more.

Not only is this a slice of 5 great tracks, these guys have written some great songs, and put them to a backdrop of instant crowd pleasers. There have been some catchy EPs lately but this is solid chunk of foot tapping fun, and one that has repeat stamped on it.

Line up
Graham Rogers – Lead Vocals
Ollie Butler – Guitar/Vocals
Robin Small – Guitar
Ashley Martin – Drums
Max Bakker – Bass/Vocals

Track Listing
High Time For Being Free
Plotting Treason Or Saving the World
Make It Out Alive


Words by Jon.

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