The Mistakes

From that Southern “hotbed” of all things Punk comes the latest release by Poole Punks “The Mistakes”. Having had the pleasure of reviewing these guys; seeing them live and DJ’ing their material no less, I am thrilled that they have accomplished such a polished yet energetic EP.

It opens with (to me) the Anti Nowhere League inspired “Set In Stone”, (think “I Hate People”). Chugging guitars and a bullish bassline are complimented throughout with a strong, audible vocal. Those clicky drums give way to a harsher vocal towards the middle of the song where Ross’s vocals become snarly and aggressive but never indecipherable. A noodly bridge sets us up for the raspy vocal part at the end which strains with emotion before ending on a high.

“Sick Of The Sun” has a great bassy intro before those clicky drums and swirling guitars take centre stage. Ross again shows a measured anger in his vocal, the “don’t tell me’s” in the chorus will undoubtedly be bellowed back at him in the live arena. It’s a direct and strong vocal, on what is a great Punk song. “Sick of The Sun?” In Poole? Surely not – or have I missed the point?! Frenetic, pacey and blunt and one of the picks of these 5 songs.

“Together” stays in the same ballpark, albeit with a ska beat dictating the tempo of the song. A love-song maybe and personal, heartfelt lyrics-but once again the honesty in the vocals is impressive. Lewis’ drumming is frenetic throughout while Joe’s bass is somewhat smothered behind the guitars which take centre stage.

The Mistakes

“Destined For The Dole” sees the band take social awareness, and putting it to song. Lewis’s “rat-a-tat” drums are a constant feature while Ross’s vocals are as honest as the day is long. The 3rd generation Punks will love this! Joe’s bass has all the hallmarks of that era, as do the guitars from Shane (rhythm) and James (lead). There’s one line I just cant get out of my head, and neither will you the listener – “Daddy’s on the JSA, and its been that way for years”. This song could’ve been written in 1982, such is the lyrical content. The standout cut on this collection.

Chiming guitars open “Supernova” while the bass and guitars soon kick in. Once again the vocals are clear and audible which keeps my interest throughout. It’s angry and aggressive in places while the guitars in the latter part belong in a different genre altogether! The ending is intense yet perfect for this song.

The Mistakes continue to push the envelope and once again here prove they have the talent to go the distance. Never a band to stand still they return with these 5 classic songs which if nothing else, will improve their profile. If this doesn’t get them on the ‘New Band Stage’ at Rebellion 2016 I don’t know what will. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Mistakes are back, although they never really went away!

Set In Stone
Sick of The Sun
Destined For The Dole

Band members
Ross Sutcliffe (Vocals)
Shane Creech (Rhythm Guitar)
James Gould (Lead Guitar)
Joe Wraight (Bass Guitar)
Lewis Willoughby (Drums)


Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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