Delicate Holly

Gloucestershire 4 piece Delicate Holly recently released an EP, interestingly titled “Love – Hate – Control”. I have the unenviable task of writing something constructive about it! I have to admit, even I was stumped after the first few listens. Hence the reason I have joined the “Department of Late Reviews” at Rock Regeneration.

“Full Body Cast” opens slightly angrily in the vocals while very direct. The clangy Post/Punk guitars give it a unique sound and for once this reviewer is stumped for influences. Yes I’m hearing the odd note but nothing stands out, which I suppose is the point. There’s a “screeching anger” in the vocal towards the end, yet the lyrics can be deciphered – just! I’m hearing the B52’s “Rock Lobster” in the bridge, but the similarities end there.

“Jaws” has a somewhat more delicate beginning, yet once again the uniqueness of the vocals from Reuben keeps me listening. The song itself trundles along and there’s one interesting line – “now you know you’re in bed with a shark” – hence the title! Where the influence for this song comes is anyone’s guess, but it works.

“Rain-O-Clock” begins with a grinding bass and “rat-a-tat” hitting from Toby. The vocals are more gravelly, in fact angrier and spikier than the predecessors. Theres hints of a shambolic “Arctic Monkeys” in there for good measure, with at least one recognisable riff.

Delicate Holly

“Lemon Man” is much more melodic with clearer, cleaner vocals. The ‘lo-fi Indie’ guitars from Dougie and Alex respectively are subtle, while I feel they should have kept the song to 4 minutes. The bridge is overlong and adds nothing, yet it is still a decent song.

It’s not often I’m stumped for obvious reference points but Delicate Holly have 4 songs here that defy any “concrete” genre’s, and for that I applaud them. I look forward to their next offering.

Full Body Cast
Lemon Man

Band members
Dougie-guitar/b vox



Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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