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The Icicle Works

The Icicle Works formed in Liverpool in the early 1980’s amongst an abundance of new wave talent. They recorded 5 albums between 1984 and 1990 before disbanding in 1991. Frontman Ian McNabb established himself as a thoroughly entertaining solo artist and continues to keep alive the band’s much-loved legacy. The Icicle Works music is celebrated from time to time with a line-up containing long-time companion Roy Corkhill on Bass, Richard Naiff formerly of The Waterboys on Keyboards and Matthew Priest of 90’s indie band Dodgy taking on drumming duties.

There has been a four-year wait for fans since the last Icicle works tour and even longer since the band ventured this far South. The band declined a support act in favour of doing two sets tonight. The sizeable Southampton crowd are treated to an opening number of the much loved “When it all Comes Down”. This kicks things off perfectly and the band continue to entertain with a quality set of tracks from all areas of the Icicle Works back catalogue. An early highlight is the beautiful “Little Girl Lost”, perfectly played with Ian’s sunburst Rickenbacker with early audience participation.

The Icicle Works
The Icicle Works 12345

The second set kicks off with some renewed energy after a much-needed pint and a fag. The band are individually all talented musicians and work really well together recreating these classic songs. The slightly inappropriate “Up Here in the North of England” had Ian and Roy duelling with their guitars; extending the track well beyond its usual length, thrilling the audience who give celebratory excited applause at the end.

To be honest for a Wednesday evening the crowd were a little reserved and I think there was a slight frustration from Ian that they did not get a better reaction. Mcnabb is a natural entertainer, his dry Liverpudlian wit, coupled with his natural musical talent is always a joy to watch. The Icicle Works songs have really stood the test of time well, a real credit to the band’s music creation and songwriting processes. They hopefully won’t leave it so long before they visit the South Coast of England, they are always very welcome.

When It All Comes Down
Seven Horses
Little Girl Lost
Hope Street Rag
Starry Blue Eyed Wonder
Melanie Still Hurts
Who Do You Want for Your Love?
Shit Creek
In the Cauldron of Love

What She Did to My Mind
Reaping the Rich Harvest
Up Here in the North of England
Out of Season
High Time
A Factory in the Desert
Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)
Love Is a Wonderful Colour
Hollow Horse



Videos, Pictures & Words by David Chinery (Chinners)

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