The Brook, Southampton

Peter Hook And The Light

After missing the turning for Southampton my “driver” somehow manages to get us to the venue bang on time. A queue around the building greets us so we miss the first couple of songs from the Joy Division “support” set. I make it to the bar and catch the end of “Ceremony” before the excellent “She’s Lost Control”. Hooky is in ebullient form as he owns the stage, wearing his bass as a badge of honour rather than playing it! Jack (bass) to his right plays most of the bass parts, barely looking up from his “shoegaze” stance. I have never seen The Brook this full, in anticipation of the two sets that are to follow. They end a 7 song set with “Decades” to huge applause before returning 20 minutes later for the main event.

The band return to huge applause and open with “Let’s Go”. Now I’m no New Order fanatic; in fact I own neither album, I’m just here to be entertained! To hear these songs without Bernard (Sumner’s) voice for me will be the acid test. Hooky at times I felt struggled somewhat, yet at other intervals absolutely nailed it. I’m no purist so was happy just to hear these songs done this way. He sings the chorus to “Paradise” with energy and gusto, never keeping still throughout. “Weirdo” is anything but with David (guitar/vox) making his first vocal offering. “As It Is When It Was” sees the bass’s come to the fore as we really go back in time. “Broken Promise” sees the first bit of crowd movement as the more energetic among us take their first tentative steps. Hooky looks concentrated almost throughout, occasionally duelling bass’s with Jake (bass) and David (guitar). Paul (drums) are unfussy, tucked away as he is at the back. Andy (keys) takes centre stage with the intro to “Bizaare Love Triangle”, keeping the beat throughout. The 2nd set ends with album closer “Every Little Counts” and a chance to catch our respective breaths in this packed venue.

Peter Hook And The Light
Peter Hook And The Light 123456

The band return with “Lowlife” opener “Love Vigilantes” as Peter brings another instrument to proceedings-bouyed by what they’re hearing more people start to move. “The Perfect Kiss” really gets things moving as this Southampton crowd sing along in unison. Hooky seems to relax more, his vocal becoming stronger throughout. The big finish sees him energetically patrol the stage while delivering a wall of sound ending, uttering the words ” that’s how you play The Perfect Kiss”-cue euphoric, rapturous applause. There is so much love in the room for the man as we see him in his element. I wondered when he last played here 18 months ago if he could carry it off? I need not have worried and tonight is no exception. Hooky (and band) are the consummate pro’s who look like they’ve been playing together for years. “Sunrise” once again sees that classic bass come to the fore as the band really open up. “Elegia” allows us and band to catch our respective breath’s once more before the big finish. They end set 3, naturally with “Face Up” and leave to long, loud applause. But we aren’t letting them get away that easily! Huge shouts of “Hooky, Hooky” reverberate around the room and after about 5 minutes they return.

Peter Hook And The Light
Peter Hook And The Light 123456

The encore is a Joy Division/New Order fans dream. Before they return we are treated to the “Blue Monday” edit, “The Beach”, over the PA, which sets us up for “Thieves Like Us”. An energetic “True Faith” follows which has a number of people jumping around like teenagers! I’m reminded of Indie/Dance crossover nights in the early 90’s – it’s like stepping back in time seeing this reaction. Hooky encourages the singalongs, we duly oblige. “Temptation” follows and the energy rises once more. However, they save the best ’til last. We were never gonna go home happy without “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, which arrives with a bass-heavy delivery and a passionate vocal we all sing along to. And that as they say, is that. The band disappear as Hooky obliges many handshakes, before pulling off his T-shirt to show off his torso.

All in all a fine show by a much-loved artist, keeping the faith with his band(s) histories. With more tours planned to pull from the back catalogue, it’s not hard to see why he can still pull a decent sized crowd – long may that continue.

No Love Lost
She’s Lost Control
The Only Mistake

Let’s Go
Lonesome Tonight
As It Is When It Was
Broken Promise
Way of Life
Bizarre Love Triangle
All Day Long
Angel Dust
Every Little Counts

Love Vigilantes
The Perfect Kiss
This Time of Night
Sooner Than You Think
Face Up

(The Beach)
Thieves Like Us
True Faith
Love Will Tear Us Apart



Words By Ross “Surprised we got there” A. Ferrone
Pictures by Jon “Missed the Turning” Musselwhite
Videos by Dave “Doesn’t know which exit” Chinery (Chinners)

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