Mr Kyps, Poole

Anti-Nowhere League

It’s Friday night at Mr Kyps and an ever expanding crowd is gearing up for the welcome return of 3rd generation Punk hierarchy the Anti-Nowhere League. First up though are Southampton quartet Brash Bullets, (Brash being the operative word))! They open in a brash, angry way with the interestingly titled “Glue Your Mouth Shut”. Andrew (vox) reminds me of a “Punk” Rick Witter (Shed 7)! His vocal style is angry and menacing in places, while blunt and direct in the main.

“Whiskey Bitch” keeps the pace frenetic, most of the songs are barely 2 minutes long! “Indoctrinated” is an early highlight while “One Six Zero Seven One Four” is an interesting title if nothing else. Almost mid set they humour us with “I Wanna Be a Crocodile” – replete with their very own blow-up model, who then takes centre stage! They then proceed to do a cover “some of us might know”. “Pickles” (drums) keeps us guessing with the intro before they launch into The Jam’s “A’ Bomb in Wardour Street”. It’s the harshest rawest version I’ve ever heard, which I applaud them for.

This is a band who wear their hearts on their sleeves and while I’d love to try and pigeonhole them, they simply have no obvious influences. On “Girl Next Door” one line stays long in the memory – “You’ll Never Find Anyone Better than Me”, which Andrew repeats many times. A semi-autobiographical number or a song of great imagination-the chorus slightly labours the point. I however, loved it! They end with “Snap” and a big cheer from their small army of fans who have obviously made the short trip along the coast. While opinion is divided among those I speak to afterwards, I have to say I really enjoyed Brash Bullets. A short, sharp shock to the system; but an enjoyable one nonetheless!

Brash Bullets
Brash Bullets 12

Next up are a band making a big noise around these parts right now. Arguably the best live act in Bournemouth at the present time (my opinion), The Electric Shakes bring their Garage/Rock, dirty R’n’R to us full throttle. They open with their now trademark “Go”. Apart from a slight glitch at the end they proceed to produce a faultless set, high on energy and huge on power. “Get Loose” has become a stalwart live singalong while “Get On Love” has that R’n’R I was alluding to.

Eric (bass) takes to the mic for an altogether heartfelt and powerful “Daddy’s Girl” (for all the Dad’s in the room)! He is once again principal shapeshifter for the night while Steve (guitar/vox) delivers the majority of the vocals. On “Volcano” they simply erupt (sic) as they grow ever more confident in front of what must be one of their bigger crowds. Steve then asks to see everyone with a drink to take 2 steps forward and decrees “I want to see the whites of your eyes”!

Their set highlight is delivered with gusto and an honesty in the lyrics, a song about (“Seaside Girls in short skirts”, causing a whole lotta trouble)! When I leave the venue later I spot 2 of these said girls! “Lightspeed Mother” ups the ante and ups the power before they leave us on “Time to Ride”. Surely it is only a matter of time before the Electric Shakes are the headline act, and on tonight’s performance their stock is rising, sharply! And so to the main event.

The Electric Shakes
The Electric Shakes 123

Tunbridge Wells finest are in town and bludgeon us with some old skool Punk Rock at its finest. The Anti-Nowhere League arrive onstage one by one, Animal (vox) comes on last and they launch into “We Are the League” – cue first big singalong! They then proceed to raid the back catalogue in what could best be described as an ANL best-of set list. Early shouts for “I Hate People” don’t go unnoticed as they play it 3rd song in. A huge mosh pit of “middle-aged Punks” soon forms for another of many singalongs.

“Break The Law” precedes the quite excellent “Skull ‘n’ Bones” but once again the masses are calling for the favourites. “We Will Not Remember You” is simply a warm-up for “So what”. Animal is at odds to explain how he “educated” Metallica on the pronunciation of the “C” word in the lyrics – then promptly leads a “chant along” with us! Once again cue mayhem in the pit!! “This Is War” is loud, particularly on Nato’s (drums) hitting. Shady (bass) never keeps still the whole night, even venturing to the side of the stage at regular intervals.

Three of the debut LP songs are played back to back – “Woman” is well received as Animal humorously delivers the lyrics while “acting out” the emotions with a certain irony. “Can’t Stand Rock ‘n’ Roll” is the penultimate track which sees Animal cavorting the stage like a boxer almost. They end with “Streets of London” but soon return for a 7 song encore. Animal takes a minute to thank and applaud “Kyp” for maintaining another great venue while other venues across the country are shutting their doors.

Anti-Nowhere League
Anti-Nowhere League 12

He goes on to thank us; the people, for supporting live music and keeping it real. “For You” is then played to what seems like greater volume. An energetic and wholesome ‘Pig Iron’ follows before they give us a drinking song in the shape of “Never Drink Alone”. Their tech then proceeds to pour beer down the throat of Tommy (guitars) before adding backing vocals! Animal then calls for any Skinheads to make themselves known, before inviting us to Skank to “Reck ‘A’ Nowhere”. He entertains us with his tongue no less before an energetic run through “Fucked Up and Wasted”.

He takes a swipe at certain ex-celebrities as they deliver “Burn ‘Em All”; before they take the plaudits and leave us how they began with “We Are the League”. They exit stage right to long, loud applause and we look forward to their return. Tonight the South Coast Punks came out in good numbers, showing that we still have a thriving Punk scene. 3 great bands and lot of great memories. It was good to see this great venue near to capacity tonight. If this is a sign of things to come then I look forward to the next “Punk” show here.

Set Lists
Anti-Nowhere League
We Are, the League
Nowhere Man
I Hate People
Break the Law
Skull ‘n Bones
Chocolate Soldiers
We Will Not Remember You
So What
Get Ready
This Is War
We Will Survive
Can’t Stand Rock ‘n’ Roll
Streets of London

For You
Pig Iron
Never Drink Alone
Reck “A” Nowhere
Fucked and Wasted
Burn ‘Em All

We Are, The League

The Electric Shakes
Get Loose
Get On Love
Daddy’s Girl
They Wonít Believe Us
Stereotypical Girls
Lightspeed Mother
Time To Ride

Brash Bullets
Glue Your Mouth Shut
Whisky Bitch
All Rights Reserved
If you’re Alive Girl
Soldier On
One Six Zero Seven One Four
Na Na See Ya
I Wanna Be A Crocodile
“A” Bomb In Wardour Street
I Wanna Buy Her Love
Be Yourself
53rd and 3rd
I Preferred It
Girl Next Door
Capital City Disappointment



Review, Pictures and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone

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