Talking Heads, Southampton

The Manic Shine

London alt/rock musical magicians The Manic Shine have just released their third album “Trial and Triumph” and it has been welcomed by the music press with a host of positive reviews. The band are so happy with it that in their current live set they are playing every track back to back on this UK tour. Tonight’s leg is at the Talking Heads in Southampton and Mighty Mosh Promotions have put together a full supporting line-up to compliment the main attraction.

The first band on are local Southampton band “After-Thought” who get things started but they open to sadly a largely empty room. The four-piece perform some pretty standardized original rock material. A song seemingly called ‘No Apologies’ shows some nifty twin guitar fretwork giving a taster of what these guys are capable of. It really feels like a sound check or a rehearsal, but maybe that is due to the lack of audience and atmosphere in the place.

After Thought
After Thought 1

Next up are 3 piece “Arrows of Time” who have travelled down from London for just a 25-minute set…that’s dedication for you!! They, despite a few initial technical problems, produce a really big alternative sound. Front man and guitar player Will Stapelton shows off his accomplished guitar skills on a string of original numbers that impress the now growing Southampton audience. Will is backed by a huge rhythm section which includes drummer Filippo who shares more than a passing resemblance to British strongman Geoff Capes; no wonder the skins were hit so hard! The band leave the stage after a strong performance making their trip down the M3 well worthwhile.

Arrows Of Time
Arrows Of Time 1

“Death Head” are a bit of a wild card band thrown in by the promoter, to add a bit of variety to the evenings proceedings. With all the other bands on the bill being on the more alternative side they are a thrash band along the lines of Megadeth, Pantera and Metallica. The good thing about them is that they have a great sense of humour and don’t take themselves too seriously. We are treated to songs like the epic “Terminator” and the ball-busting “Rock is Dead”, which you cannot fail to nod your head along to. If you like thrash you will most certainly like these guys and even if you don’t, they are really entertaining-certainly worth catching.

Death Head
Death Head 1

“Our Propaganda” have been making a few waves around these parts in the last year or so and have brought a host of family and friends along to enjoy their set tonight. The band, all dressed in black make a great start with “I Generation” which introduces their eight-string guitar player Harvey Groom; who produces one hell of an epic sound with just his guitar and various electronic effects. Frontman Jack Denton just oozes rock n roll and delivers some incredible vocals, reminding me of a young Chris Cornell. Bass player Joe Newman is pulling a whole load of shapes across the front of the stage and with the drummer Charlie Denton, who is beating the skins with massive force. The four piece make the set a visual as well as a great audio experience. Their original tunes such as the epic ballad-type number “Queen of Artisans”, “Heroes” and final epic number “The Waltz”; the band show that great, evolving rock n’ roll is still alive in Southampton.

Our Propaganda
Our Propaganda 12

The Manic Shine finally take to the stage after patiently watching each of other bands on the bill. The four guys between them create a sound like no other, a sound that could easily fire them out of the smaller venues like this into the arenas. Guitarists Orren and Oz have an amazing chemistry between them and using their massive technical knowledge, produce songs like the brilliantly catchy “Blind Love” and the huge “Orbit”. The songs translate so well from the new album, the band have adjusted them slightly for the live set with no loss in impact. This show is a mere warm-up for a sold out show in London at the Bar Fly, where the band officially launch their album to their public. Though tonight’s audience is not huge by the band’s usual standards, there is no loss of enthusiasm and energy from their performance. They give every last drop of energy showing they really believe in the music they’re performing – and so they should. They end their set after playing the whole of the new album from start to finish. Though the turnout was much less than hoped, those who stayed away I’m sure in the future will regret missing out when these guys hit it big.

class=”alignright”The Manic Shine
The Manic Shine 12

The Manic Shine
Ball & Chain
BrakesHaze (Singing My Name)
Blind Love
Hold On (Together We’ll Keep Dreaming)
I Don’t Wanna Hear It

Our Propaganda
Oueen of Artisans
Be High
Wet Weekend
The Waltz

Death Head
Inner Self
White Guy
Rock is Dead
Wasted Daze



Words, Pictures & Videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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