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Trav Cats

25th November 2015 & 28th November 2015

The Trav Cats are a band from “deepest, darkest Hampshire” who formed in 2008 when lifelong drinking buddies got together over a pint or three and decided to play music together when encouraged by other locals. Their first gig went so well that further bookings followed and before they knew it they began to gig regularly. As well as playing a batch of popular covers the band have also started to create their own original music.

The first song they wrote “We’re Not a Band” is a sort of contradiction; but started a theme of mainly writing about their favourite pastime, drinking! The tune is a true earworm and you will only need to hear it once before you find yourself humming it constantly. Their first EP release was called ìWrong Side of The Bar” and contains yet more great original songs that showed their own sound beginning to blossom.

After a few Summer’s spent in fields at many of the Dorset and Hampshire Summer festivals, the band have built up quite a following with each gig being quite an occasion; with an army of fans travelling around to see them play. This reminds me of The Cropdusters back in the day when their constant gigging pulled such a loyal audience.

Trav Cats

The band came along to the Hope Fm studio ahead of their performance on the Bournemouth Square Christmas stage to tell our listeners all about themselves, and to perform some tunes live in the studio. They, despite being a man down as Phil Ramshaw was away on “Sheep bothering” business in wales: performed four tracks. I can honestly say it was a wonderful broadcast with a warm, friendly atmosphere. The guys played some great music and I’m sure added to their fan base.

Trav Cats
Trav Cats 1234

The gig on the Christmas stage was played as the weather cleared and gave way to a warm December evening. The boys now including Phil Ramshaw treated the large audience to an energetic one hour set which included lots of the band’s original songs as well as a few well-chosen covers. One audience member even went to local off-licence to buy the boys two four-packs of beer as a thank you for their great performance. The Trav Cats are an exciting and fantastically fun band to watch, giving 100% with each performance.

The Trav Cats are

Graham Swainston – Drums + Getting Naked + Famous Fosters Cowboy Hat wearer
Darryl Swainston- Guitars + Vocals + Fabulous Beard Grower + Famous for being Graham’s son
Mike Wilson – Harmonica Player + Accordion + Vocals + Love child of Jethro & Pam Ayres
Lee Mellor – Double bass + Festival Cider connoisseur
Phil Ramshaw – Stomp stick + Washboard + Only man in the band that wears a skirt on stage
Chris Bravery – Guitar + Banjo + Vocals + Not such fabulous beard grower as Darryl

Hope FM Studio

Christmas Stage


Word, Pictures & Videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)