The Anvil, Bournemouth

In The Hils

Piss and blast! I missed first band on, The Victorian Whore Dogs and because I’ve seen them before and know how good they are, so to say I was gutted is an understatement. The second band were Victus, it was their second show and on a couple of tracks the nerves showed. Still their crunchy doom wasn’t too bad and once they get a few more gigs under their belt, I can see them doing well.

Victus 123

Pensevor really bring the doom and deliver a spellbinding set with tall frontman Mark Jennings commanding the room and his unique vocals of spoken words laced with painfilled howls were a revelation. Guitar down-tuned and a bowl trembling bass topped off with a thudding beat made my night. One to watch.

Pensevor 1234567

Conjuror. Fuck. Ing. Hell. These guys were excellent, doom black metal that kicked you right in the nut sack, like a demented 70’s football hooligan…then proceeded to kick again…and again until you were just a quivering wreck, dribbling in the corner. Excellent stuff.

Conjuror 123456

This was the IN THE HILLS album launch and the local lads show just what an accomplished act they have become since their inception three years ago. I have to say I always enjoy an ITH show, the awesome sound of brains being turned to syrup by excessive volume is always a joy to behold! The new album is just as heavy and a couple of tracks were aired this evening proved that Sludge Doom delivered with intent is not going away any time soon.

In The Hills
In The Hills 1234567


Words and photos: Dan O’Gara

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