The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth

On arguably the coldest night of the year so far Bournemouth’s Old Fire Station is playing host to none other than Alien Ant Farm, who are rewarded with yet another sell-out crowd on a (so far) sold out tour. Two other great bands are along for the ride who won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

First up are South Wales “Rockers” The Dirty Youth. They open with “I’m Not Listening To You” and immediately make an impression. Danni (vox) has avoided the cliched “female fronted attire” and looks stunning in her jumpsuit. From the outset her vocal is clear and audible with great range. She is ably assisted by a competent band. “Alive” follows which is fast and furious in equal measure and the title itself is apt! Leon (bass) is chief shapeshifter throughout and seems happy to smile all night long! “Just Move On” has that wonderful “rat-a-tat” drumming with power, amid the wall of sound they’re creating. The song itself is anthemic and Danni is in her element as she encourages this crowd to get involved. “Hurricane” sets us up nicely for “Fight”, which is not an invitation! Just an explosion of power drumming once more while Danni leaves every ounce of emotion onstage in her vocal. They leave us with “The One”, their most Pop/Rock/Dance orientated song and receive great applause.

The Dirty Youth
The Dirty Youth 12

Up next are no strangers to a Bournemouth stage, InMe. Dave (guitar/vox) explains early on how his voice is suffering the effects of an exhaustive tour schedule, yet you wouldn’t know it. They open with “Saccharine Arcadia” and Dave leaves no stone unturned with his emotions. There’s no shortage of power either. Simon’s (drums) are huge throughout while Gazz (guitar) delivers the intricacies while smiling almost throughout. After “Myths and Photographs”, Dave “encourages” the moshers to deliver during “Reverie Shores” – they don’t disappoint! However, when they play “Firefly” we witness Dave giving out every emotion. He bellows the lyrics out in the most heartfelt manner like his life depended on it. “Safe In A Room” and “Underdose” keep the InMe fans happy and energetic while “Legacy” is dedicated to Laura who the band owe everything to. In true emotional fashion Dave mark’s the bands history, singularly highlighting the timescale’s of each band member. They leave us with “Faster The Chase” and an invitation to all meet in The Anvil after the show. Having seen InMe many times this was the most heartfelt and emotional performance I have ever witnessed, which is no mean feat with their longevity. Long may that continue.

InMe 1

And so to the headliners. I must confess, I’m no AAF aficionado having only seen them once some 13 years ago. However, time has been kind to this quartet as they embark on this sold out tour. They open with “Courage” which doesn’t seem to be lacking. Dryden (vox) gets everyone onside early with some curious moves but his vocals are note perfect. He regularly makes time for between song banter which seems to go down well. “Movies” is an early highlight and gets the most energetic in the crowd moving early. “Flesh and Bone” sees Terry (guitar) take centre stage while Dryden becomes even more animated. Mike’s snare drumming is now huge and this crowd respond in equal measure. Dryden spots a familiar face in the crowd and then thanks “us” for “sticking with them” after all these years. “Sticks and Stones” evokes a memory to Dryden of two “bitches” who formed the bulk of the material for the Anthology LP. He then takes time to lament his Mother “getting pissed in San Francisco”; who he also disses as a bitch, before singing the heartfelt “Attitude”. “Wish” is much harder and dare I suggest “industrial” but the punters keep moving. “Happy Death Day” sees Dryden bring out the acoustic guitar before they leave us on “Universe”.

Alien Ant Farm
Alien Ant Farm 123

An encore is a given and they return with “Glow”, complete with acoustic once more. “These Days” returns to the power once more but it’s their final offering that everyone’s been waiting for. Terry keeps us guessing with an intricate guitar intro more akin to UK Post/Punk/Goth, before launching into “Smooth Criminal”. After all these years it still sounds fresh and is the perfect finale to what has been a great evening. Dryden then invites everyone to the merch stands-not just to buy- but to hang out, have a chat and a beer maybe. This was a gesture all 3 bands made and in this day and age made a refreshing change from the old favourite of “buy a T-shirt so we can get to the next show”. For that, we salute you, all 3 bands.

Set Lists
Alien Ant Farm
Flesh and Bone
Sticks and Stones
(Happy) Death Day
These Days
Smooth Criminal – (Michael Jackson cover)

Saccharine Arcadia
Myths & Photographs
Reverie Shores
Safe in a Room
Hymn: Ivory Elder
Faster the Chase

The Dirty Youth
I’m Not Listening to You
Just Move On
Darkest Wedding
The One



Words by Ross Ferrone
Videos & Pictures by Chinners

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