Old Fire Station, Bournemouth

Mike Peters

Mike Peters is not only one of the hardest working figures in the music industry, he is a rock and roll survivor, surviving a continual battle with cancer. With many musicians all around us falling by the wayside Mike Peters is not going to give up his life without living it to the full and giving all that he can give. Tonight’s gig at the Old Fire Station is just the start of a series of gigs around the UK celebrating 30 years since The Alarm’s concert was broadcast from Los Angeles UCLA via MTV all around the world to millions of viewers.

The first part of the set is a warm-up to the main event showcasing a couple of new tracks including “Tomorrow” and a beautiful, reflective number called “Time”. Mike talks about the devastating news of Prince’s death and explained that he was an artist who had very punk rock values, dressing and performing in his own very original way. He then performs an emotional version of a track from the “Sign of the Times” album called “The Cross”.

Mike Peters
Mike Peters 12

After a short break with the use of some electronics and backing tapes, Mike prepares to perform the set-list of the whole of the UCLA concert. The Bournemouth crowd are easily whipped up by his passion and energy. They are all with him right from the start as he hoists his guitar up high and kicks off with “Declaration”, straight into “Marching On” just as he did back on 12th April 1986.

The set flows perfectly and as each number is played, the audience are singing each word right back at the stage. You cannot fail to be moved by the intensity of the way these songs are delivered. MikeĆ­s enthusiasm and emotions are there right until the last note is played. This day in history was indeed a huge milestone for The Alarm and will be remembered for a long time to come but the band and it’s fans alike. This was indeed a great evening and one that shows if solo or with a band, “Peters” is an amazing performer who delivers with every opportunity.

The Cross (Prince Cover)
A Breed Apart
Love and Understanding
Into the 21st Century

Declaration / Marching On
Howling Wind
Knife Edge
Blaze of Glory
Absolute Reality
Where Were You Hiding When the Storm Broke?
Walk Forever By Your Side
Sixty Eight Guns
Spirit of ’76
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door



Words, Pictures & Videos by David Chinery.