The Anvil, Bournemouth

The Decoy

Lifeboat Promotions founder George Fullerton is single-handedly giving the local music scene a terrific boost by putting on plenty of top quality, regular live music events. He is combining out of town up-coming artists with some of the better local bands to put on gigs full of variety. Tonight 3-piece alternative rock band “The Decoy” have travelled down from South Wales to the Anvil to be part of a mouth-watering four band line up.

The first band on are Bournemouth’s “Novum” and despite it only being fairly early they have brought in quite a crowd with them tonight. As they start their first number there is quite a buzz in this basement venue. As the set progresses the crowd begin to energetically move to the band’s high tempo rock sound. The four-piece fronted by Luca Ellison play fast-paced guitar tunes with an impressive youthful energy and enthusiasm. Their set includes some well-crafted numbers including “She Don’t Care About You”, “Acid Rain”, and a new tune called “Daydream” which really hits the spot. Just when my mind was wondering where the band’s influences are from, they end with a cover of Rage against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name”, a song which gives you a bit of a clue to part of their direction. A great start for sure from a band though still young, are producing a fantastic standard of performance.

Novum 123456789

Next up we have Endea, another Bournemouth based band who formed in 2013; a band that I cannot believe that I had not yet seen live. As when they arrive on stage they tick every box going for me. The have a huge amount of passionate energy and spine-crushing guitar riffs that really push the boundaries of rock music. Frontman “Grimshaw” reaches out to the audience and tries to pull them in by joining them on the dance floor while still playing his guitar and pulling some monumental shapes in the process. The songs are really varied ranging from the powerfully emotive “Mourning”; where the vocal delivery is not dissimilar to Serj Tankian, to the epic set closer “Into Oblivion” which really leaves a lasting impression on this audience.

Endea 1234567891011

The final of tonight’s supports are “Krooked Nation” who have been working hard building a name for themselves on the local Dorset rock scene. They have recently released the impressive 5 track “Cold Blooded” EP, the follow-up to their debut self-titled EP released in 2015. The band are faced with a rowdy expectant crowd and easily handle these expectations by performing a thrillingly energetic set full of highlights. The well-rehearsed band whip up the crowd with some huge tunes that get a mosh pit started, as well as a bit of crowd surfing which is not easy in this low-ceilinged venue. A new fist-clenching tune called “A Time for Strangers” show the band’s heavier side before ending with the slightly slower and more melodic “1000 Rumours”.

Krooked Nation
Krooked Nation 1234567
The Decoy
The Decoy 12345678

The Decoy have been the perfect guests to the Anvil tonight as they have been present and vocally supportive of each of the support bands throughout the evening. I can honestly say that very few headlining bands actually do this, a fantastic example to be followed. The band are fronted by a gentle giant called Lewis Barber who stands at well over six and a half feet tall in his specially ordered size thirteen converse boots. The three-piece band kick off with “Moustache Dash Cash”, a tune of epic proportions that has equally epic vocals to match. The band create a really big sound with an elite rhythm section of Joel Williams on bass and right in the middle Luke Blake on Drums, combining with Lewis’s huge guitar riffs. The band have a great sense of humour and are happy to engage in some witty banter with the audience. Tonight there are no big egos, it is just as it should be – all about the music. The band’s new single “Andyouism” keeps up the momentum as the band end their brief but memorable time in Bournemouth. Let hope they keep us on the tour schedule for next time.

Set List
The Decoy
Moustache Dash Cash
Black Mountain Radio
Crazy Nights
I Take All My Time
Dirty Noise
Live By the Axe



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Words & Videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)
Pictures by Jon Musselwhite.

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