Chaplins Cellar Bar, Boscombe

MacMillan Cancer Support

It’s Saturday night down the Cellar and the now annual gathering that is the “shebang” is in full flow. Under a different guise this year while celebrating the lives of two of music’s more popular legends, the local music fraternity have come together once more to raise funds for this very worthy cause. I arrive fashionably late and miss the first act on Trickster, who’s singer Nick is quick to remind me! I do however make it in good enough time to catch Gangaloya. I only catch their last 2 songs but their Psych/Rock is going down well with the early arrivers.


Next up are a band who have enjoyed somewhat of a hiatus around these parts. The Gutter Rats have re-grouped (3 quarters Ayriss family members), ably assisted by “The Hamster” on bass. Their set begins in an explosive manner as they deliver the first of 4 originals. It’s loud and intense from the off, they are altogether tighter, harder, brasher, and raw in equal measure. Jordan on 2nd guitar is Strummer-esque in his stance and delivery while brother Damian (drums) is his usual powerhouse in the engine room. With only 20 minutes to impress us, I thought they might take the evening’s theme literally and deliver a set of covers. But no, they deliver 4 great originals before a Punked-up cover of Bowie’s “Scary Monsters”. It’s brash and angry but delivered in their own unique style-I for one hope this becomes a staple in future sets by the band. They leave to great applause while another punter steps forward for some “Bowie’oke”!

The Gutter Rats
The Gutter Rats 123

Next up are a Lillettes/Andy Nazer “supergroup” with a set choc full of Bowie covers among others. If ever a band were gonna make an entrance it was this band. “The Tena Ladies” come on stage with a big sound and a ballsy vocalist, who for the most part reminded me of The Plasmatics “Wendy O’Williams”. She takes no prisoners, singing and shrieking in equal measure. Their Grungey version of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” is simply epic. It’s bass-heavy throughout, courtesy of “Sonya Francisco” while Andy’s drums are huge. The vocalist who’s name escapes me is wearing a rather fetching home-made cape which itself gets a round of applause. They once more deliver with “Trash” and again this crowd lap it up. They are invited to do a 1 song encore then leave to more great applause.

The Tena Ladies

The Tena Ladies 1

Penultimate band of the evening, Brighton’s “Electromud” take to the stage next and deliver a high octane “Suffragette City” while continuing with the night’s theme by incorporating more than one cover version. As with most of tonight’s performers it’s bass-heavy and once again Andy (Nazer) proves himself a competent sticksman, even if at one point he and Matt (vox/guitar) appear to be rehearsing an intro mid-set! Set highlight “Oh Olivia” sounds altogether tighter tonight with a much sharper vocal. Not content with just covering Bowie they deliver a blistering “RAMONES” from the Motorhead songbook, which seems to please many around me while inducing the first real loud singalong. And with that and another Lemmy cover (which escapes my memory), they too leave the stage to great applause.

Electromud 1

The final band to take to the stage are “The Stand In’s”. Dorchester’s hardest working drummer need not leave the stage as Mr. Nazer once again takes to the kit! Their sound is altogether louder, broodier and again the bass takes centre stage (pardon the pun)! Set favourite “By The Way” is simply a warm-up for a brilliant take on Bowie’s “The Jean Genie” as they mercilessly bludgeon our eardrums – it’s loud, and even with plugs in I’m deafened. With the last bus calling I beat a retreat and depart.

The Stand Ins
The Stand Ins 123

I’m sure the event will have raised a good sum of money as it has, year on year. I’m reliably informed this is to be the last ‘Shebang’. If that is the case I genuinely hope someone ‘grabs the baton’ and keeps this wonderful event in the musical calendar for years to come. We shall see. Anyway, a great night for a great cause and some top quality acts giving their time for free – some having travelled quite a distance just to support the event. Top marks to organiser Shiv’ and compere’s Simon and Lyn. Let’s hope the final sum raised tops all previous years.



Words, Pictures and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone

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