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Sex Pissed Dolls

It’s a balmy spring evening as we welcome the return of those “Daughters of Anarchy” the Sex Pissed Dolls back to Mr. Kyps. Buoyed by some great press of late they come back with a reputation to behold. First up though are last yearís support act “Fayrewood Convention”. They are a bog standard covers act playing bog standard covers. It pains me to say it but last time out one could’ve predicted what song came next and tonight is no exception. “Born to Be Wild” isn’t great and they only partially redeem themselves with their version of “Mustang Sally”. Given that the singer has a gravelly delivery it works well on this song but I and many others in this crowd are hugely disappointed. The muted applause and overriding noise of chatter between and during their songs should be an eye opener. I feel for them but their lack of ambition re: set list is there for all to see. I beat a retreat to the bar with my photographer friend who is in agreement. The singer reminds me of Frank Black which begs the question? Why don’t they throw in a few Pixies covers? I wish them well but surely a local Punk covers/originals band say like The Mistakes or the Gutter Rats would’ve been a better option. Then again, I’m no musician so what do I know?!

And so, onto the headliners. The Dolls take to the stage one by one as Connie (lead) plays the opening bars to “She Sells Sanctuary”. As the band get to the vocal part Nancy Doll (vox) runs on stage and grabs the mic. For me it’s a curious opener but a decent start. Already the punters react as a mini mosh starts. “Pretty Vacant” has been “polished” somewhat from last year and is bigger and better-Connie’s intro this time around is immense, matched by new recruit Anna Key (drums) who already sounds more powerful than her predecessor. The crowd lap it up and Teenage Kicks is not long in coming. (Even this 49 year old managed to find the energy to join the throng)! As set lists go one couldn’t ask for more – for those of us of a certain age it’s the set list of our youth. Once again “Swords of a Thousand Men” is anthemic, with the whole room joining in on the chorus(es). And the classics keep on a coming. “Ever Fallen In Love” precedes an excellent “Holidays in the Sun” (with audience participation and handclaps), while “Hurry Up Harry” finds this crowd in great voice.

It’s at this point that Nancy announces that the band are premiering their self-penned material for a soon to be released EP. The first of these tracks is “Shitty Old Town” which I’m sure some people can resonate with. It’s a decent song with a catchy, (dare I say) Folk-inspired chorus. However, there is nothing Folky about the delivery, just Nancy’s usual snarly vocalising. On “New Rose” we really get to hear Anna’s hitting power while “What Do I Get” allows us all breathing space. Crowd favourite “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” gets the pit moving again while “Psycho Killer” is quietly observed and enjoyed by all.

Sex Pissed Dolls
Sex Pissed Dolls 12345678

“Maniac” is their 2nd original offering and retains the power and spite so vigorously delivered by Nancy. This crowd are polite in their applause before the girls return to what they do best. “Too Much Too Young” gets the “suedeheads” moving down the front and “Fight for Your Right” simply exacerbates the lunacy. Everyone seems to want to join in! “Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ is as popular as ever and set highlight “My Perfect Cousin” is simply immense. When the band start “God Save The Queen” Nancy decides to perch herself on the monitors and holler the choruses, giving it everything in her delivery. Her spite, snarl and anger isn’t forced-just natural. This gives Kitty and Connie (guitars) and Jilly (bass) the chance to use the space and shapeshift their way through the song. Jilly has a fixed stare throughout but looks amazing in her ‘print’ dress, while Connie and Kitty at times seem to be duelling their respective guitars. It’s great entertainment, there’s no shoegazing with these girls! “Blitzkrieg Bop” seems somewhat subdued tonight, maybe its place on the set list? However track 3 of the newbie’s doesn’t disappoint. “Sci Fi” is a rampant, fast-paced little number which gets us jumping-as Nancy says “everyone likes a bit of Sci Fi don’t they?”

They depart us on a thundering “Sound Of The Suburbs” which sends this crowd into an anthemic beast. We duly sing along before it finishes and the girls leave the stage. They return shortly with a new song to me. “Judy Says” by The Vibrators is certainly different, unexpected (to me) on this set list. They then follow that with two crowd-pleasers. “Hersham Boys” is delivered in Nancy’s finest Cockney voice and we, the crowd, sing one and all. They follow that with a bullish “EMI” – it’s powerful and brooding and takes no prisoners. And that I thought would be the end; but no, a 2nd encore.

Connie takes the lead for the opening bars of “Alternative Ulster” and I have to say, they just about get away with it. ‘I Fought the Law’ however, for me is the only let down. Nancy at times messes with the chorus and it is overlong. They redeem themselves in the only way possible though – a storming rendition of “Anarchy in the UK” to finish. Nancy strains every ounce of energy from her lungs with some added cussing for good measure before they leave the stage for the final time to long, loud applause.

Like returning heroes the girls once again deliver. No Ruts or Skids to keep this reviewer happy but the love shown to these girls after the show at the merchandise stand would suggest they might be in this game for the long haul. Tonight’s set was near-faultless and I for one look forward to their return. The Sex Pissed Dolls might not be for the purists-a Marmite band if you like. But for a great night out and sheer entertainment one could do a lot worse. A slot at the IOW Festival I feel is recognition in itself of how far these ladies have come, their upwards trajectory just keeps on rising. And I for one endorse that.

Sex Pissed DollsRoss & The Dolls

Set List
She Sells Sanctuary
Pretty Vacant
Teenage Kicks
Swords of a Thousand Men
Ever Fallen in Love
Holidays in the Sun
Hurry Up Harry
Shitty Old Town (Original)
New Rose
Sheena is a Punk Rocker
Psycho Killer
Maniac (Original)
Too Much Too Young
Fight for Your Right to Party
Should I Stay or Should I Go
My Perfect Cousin
God Save the Queen
Blitzreig Bop
Sci Fi (Original)
Sound of the Suburbs
Judy Says
Hersham Boys

Alternative Ulster
I Fought the Law
Anarchy in the UK


Review and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone
Pictures By Robert Whetton

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