Pearl Handled Revolver

What we have here is a psychedelic vibe wrapped around blues rock base with an expansive backdrop, all topped off with Lee’s gruff vocals. Opening with a strong bass line permeating through it is “Help Me Down From The Trees”, and with its flowing rhythm and guitar work; it is punctuated with an organ, giving it a feel of years gone by. All this retro vibe is blown out of the water with the lyrics dragging this journey bang up to date.

A more distorted guitar sound follows in the form of “Don’t Throw It Away”; the vocals feel more stripped back and raw, giving the track a quality you cannot help but listen to. The rhythm is faster paced, but everything is held in check. This moves smoothly into the laid back; almost dreamlike, “Someone Like You”. The organ and guitar work just wash over you, as the drums give a gentle almost rolling rhythm.

“If The Devil Cast His Net” breaks the calm brought on by “Someone Like You”, returning to a gentle vibe until the chorus kicks in with its guitar licks reminding you of the rock nature of these guys. But soon it moves into a longer break that mixes a psychedelic organ with an electric guitar, pushing you back to the psychedelic vibe.

Following up the title track comes “Walk These Streets”, a gentle atmospheric track that hooks you in (pun intended). With its almost eerie ambience it gently flows as the music washes over you. This laid back feel slowly dissolves, but remains chilled with “Absinthe in Adelaide”; as the keys work their retro magic, again the groove pulls you in.

“Loverman” is a little more chaotic, as the keys are let loose and the tempo rises. Showing they are capable of not just gentle tracks as with “Walk These Streets”, they can infuse energy into their work with ease. While closing the album is “Into the Blue” with its guitar-led opening; followed by cymbals and keys, it is a fitting close to the journey that came before it. As the track progresses you are left wanting for more.

Drawing from a number of influences they create a unique atmosphere as its backdrop to this album, and is something to behold as its intensity rises and drops. They deliver an uncompromising slab of psychedelic rock, and blur the lines between the scuzzy grittiness that is present and the grooves they have created. Usually one facet stands out: here everything is in balance; be it the bass lines, the strong drums, the guitar work, or the vocals. It is all in proportion, and perfectly balanced.

“If The Devil Cast His Net” is due for release through all platforms on Friday 29th April.

Line Up
Lee Vernon – Vocals/Harmonica
Simon Rinaldo – Organ/Keyboards/Pedal Bass
Chris Thatcher – Drums
Andy Paris – Guitar

Track Listing
Help Me Down From the Trees
Donít Throw It Away
Someone like You
If The Devil Cast His Net
Walk These Streets
Absinthe In Adelaide


Words by Jon.

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