The Anvil, Bournemouth

Arrows Of Time

Tonight were are back at one of Bournemouth’s premier city centre live music venues …….The Anvil. A place that works really hard for their customers to provide a continuous stream of quality live music from local and out of town bands. This evening we have a showcase of three very different bands that all have very individual styles.

First up are a local four piece band called “Sinful Maggie” who start things off in style with their feisty, new wave/punk rock with a melodic twist of folk roots. They combine full on fast-paced drumming with electric guitars and an accordion. Their own impressive original compositions like “Old Dog”, “Long Walk” and the addictive “Shit Faced” show these musicians can certainly create some great tunes. There are a couple of detours along the way with a version of Rancid’s “St Mary” and Cock Sparrer’s “Did You Have A Nice Life Without Me?”, possibly giving some clues to some of the band’s influences, but by no means the whole story.

Sinful Maggie
Sinful Maggie 123

Next up we have Bournemouth’s wonderfully titled “Kung Fu Chicken Fighters” who take to the stage with crowds of excited fans in front of them. This incredible 5 piece rock ‘engine’; with driving funky basslines deliver in all areas, with the “Sideshow Bob” haired frontman Robbie providing the perfect vocal accompaniment. The all original set shows the band producing various styles around their metal and funk theme with songs like the powerful “1.21 Gigawatts” and the quite alternative “Jazz Club” impressing. Though on a small stage you can see these guys revving up with masses of youthful energy – just give them a much larger stage and we may see some colourful musical fireworks going off.

Kung Fu Chicken Fighters
Kung Fu Chicken Fighters 123

Tonight’s headline band “Arrows of Time” have travelled down from London for a day beside the seaside, and to bring their music to a new audience. This three piece waste no time in getting started and kick off with their EP opener “Let Go”. This shows the powerhouse drumming of “Filippo”; combining with the phenomenally emotive guitar riffs of Will, which work so beautifully together. The band play a 45-minute set; full of highlights that impress the Bournemouth crowd, with songs like the epic “Impossible Glow” which starts so delicately and then erupts into a crescendo of drums and heavy guitar riffage. The band are returning to the area this summer with a slot at the VDub Festival in Wimborne on 25th June. They complete a fantastic evening of music that certainly beats sitting at home in your armchair watching The X Factor.

Arrows Of Time
Arrows Of Time 123

Set Lists
Arrows Of Time
Let Go
In Spite
Get Out
Ain’t Gonna Be That way
Impossible Glow
Body of water

Kung Fu Chicken Fighters
Bohemian Blues
Pirate Waltz
1.21 Gigawatts
The Funky One
Chewing the Fat
Jazz Club
Wing Chun

Sinful Maggie
Take Out the Sun
Rock ‘n’ Roll
Old Dog
Mr Know It All
Long Walk
St Mary (Rancid Cover)
Shit Faced
Everything I Need
Did You Have A Nice Life Without Me? (Cock Sparrer)
Long & Lost
Nature of Man



Words, Pictures & Videos by David Chinery (Chinners)

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